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19 September 2012


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Yikes! Thank you so much for sharing this. Believe it or not, the night berofe last I dreamt that I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Lost all my hair and left breast, but the part of the dream that haunted me most is that I didn't know how to tell anyone you and Brooklyn, specifically. So I didn't and closed myself off. Am hoping I'd be able to carry myself more like you if this really does happen. In the meantime, am keeping my fingers crossed and thinking happy thoughts for you. Stay warm in NYC and please keep us posted.


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Thank you Ann for your wonderful and timely message. We believe the Meetings acknowledged the global burden and threat of NCDs and impact on social and economic development in all countries. However, more needs to be done on the action side of things. As you said, our work is only beginning - we need governments to implement the commitments in the political declaration passed by the High Level Meeting of the United Nations last year and World Health Assembly last June; we need strong global targets that set out the vision of where we are heading with our collective actions; we need national plans and strategies and we need NCDs as part of the MDGs.

Thanks to the generous financial support of the American Cancer Society, our society, Mathiwos Wondu-YeEthiopia Cancer Society started implementing the ”Meet the Targets” project intended to familiarize and encourage the timely implementation of UN High Level Meeting Political Declaration on Non-Communicable Diseases /NCD/ here in Ethiopia. Based on these factual premises and with the collaboration of the Federal Ministry of Health of Ethiopia/FMoH/,WHO Country Office, Consortium of Ethiopian NCD Associations /CENCDA/ and all our partners has declared its commitment to become actively involved in assisting the government and the society in every possible way, to help make a difference in the outcome of a NCDs prevention and treatment and to take part in the national effort, by filling the gaps that the government alone is not in a position to handle.

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