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15 August 2012


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Hi all .i want to know how somkeless tcbcoao harms our skin .i know .it cause cancer. but i want to know how it effects our skin . mainly the face skin. Does it provoke pimples to grow more or there is nothing to do with pimples or face glow .


If somebody has a dip of chew a day and shows no signs of wear and tear from it on the gums or teeth can they get mouth cnaecr before the wear and tear occurs? Also how long does it normally take for somebody to get the cnaecr from the tobacco? I have a friend that has chewed for 3 years now and has no signs of any side effects in his mouth. Does it take 10 years 20? How long before cnaecr is a serious possibility? I want very educated answers or from experience. Thank you


ok a few things 1. The toacbco barn has go to be the most awesome place on the face of the earth! I LOVE IT!2. With all that stuff how did you get out of there with only that little bucket!?!3. It would be so awesome to go junking with you guys some day and4. AWESOME JOB ROCKING THE TYBEE SHIRT!!!

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I am too against smoking as it kills...appreciable efforts are being made all over the world to make aware about the harmful effects of smoking cigarettes and to help decline the number of smokers...


I wanted to thank enveyore for the beautiful comments at the time of this post, but blogger was playing up on me at the time, so I couldn't.So now that I have a chance....thank you, thank you, thank you! Your comments meant the world to me!!xo


Once again Naomi you deserve a sprnilkag gold star for this series which celebrates truly amazing 'ordinary' mothers.Jennifer is such an enthusiastic blogger & I've enjoyed learning a little more about her in this post.Seeing her cupcake images below her writing I got to thinking about what kind of cupcake Jennifer would be.I think she would probably be a multi-layered cake rich and delicious, covered in a gorgeous wrapping with lots of sparkly toppings to savour = yum & one is never enough!Biggest of happy hugs to you both, XX F.


I dont understand how peploe can smoke cigarettes and damage their bodies without a care in the world. Yes i understand we're gonna die one day but while we're on this earth we should cherish our bodies because we only get one body thats it. Smoking to me is just a waste of time and money, i dont even know why smoking is legal ( well i do- its all about the money)


I love that place!! We went there this past summer. There were some rlaley great antique stores right next door to it too, and we scored some great things there. When we were at the Tobacco Barn we saw Andie McDowell in the same booth as us. It seemed like she was there with her designer and they were discussing the various things they were going to take home. Must be nice to pick and choose and not be restrained by budget! But then again, sometimes that restraint makes us more creative right?


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so, as a global community, committed to working together to prevent needless death and disease from the global scourge that is tobacco.

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If you don't believe that this is a big deal (it is!) then you can also read my blog post: http://www.michaelwosnick.com/big-tobacco-is-still-targeting-our-kids/

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