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14 May 2012


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Repeated failure leads to the dresie for failure. It's what you know. That's why the fevered hopes for the Afghan Winter, the famine that never happened, the quagmire, the slaughter made out of whole cloth, the skewed information on the military demographics...they failed and success galls them.The fact that their childish tantrums created the failure in Vietnam -- snatching defeat from the jaws of victory -- is not information they are willing to let past the filter.That's why, when one finally begins to see the little man behind the curtain (as I did when I began with a conversion in my understanding of economics), it all crumbles...For some it is a metanoia. For others, the turn is more like trying to move the Titanic in time to avoid the iceberg...Lovers of history, like you, are less gullible than the rest of us.


"oops..sorry. Hormone replacement trapehy doesn't protect against heart disease. It was a good theory, but we were wrong. At least we got to test it out on you all. Win some, lose some."Needless to say, I stopped using HRT as soon as I was diagnosed.That doesn't mean that another five years down the road cancer won't show up. I am now more vulnerable than I was before HRT.As for statistical likelihood being more than one hundred percent: if you give factors certain weights and then new factors are introduced, you could well run beyond a hundred percent total...Again, there are four critical factors here:1. Not having had a full-term pregnancy2. Aborting a fetus.3. Having a close female relative with breast cancer4. Being younger than 18 or older than thirty.


Laughs are always flerey given and received with me, Lady D.Sorry to hear about your quadrupedal bereavement. I lost my nine-year-old Siberian Husky to the stupidest accident ever. That was two years ago and I still think of her every day.


The FDA has systematically drugs in the past 20 years, aimdtted to not properly checked. Donald Misfield the former Sec. Line of defense for Bush was the only person that determines the distinction between the approval of drugs and give the OK for the public. As for me, I opt for non-approved methods / herbal / homeopathic and ideas outside the list approved by the FDA in most cases.


Well, unfortunately we can the media for most of that debt. Not to motnien the FDA, which tried and has repeatedly tried to herbs prohibited, so that the damn drug companies do not compete haben.Jeder good herbalist will tell you that with a good book that not only start the lists Dos, but The Don'ts and warnings. Most people do not have enough common sense to ensure that you have to begreifen.Ich with herbal medicines, since the late 1980s, as a regular medication to help all. The trick that most people forget, is to do the research. Many take what they see in writing by the media as the blessed truth. Usually it is only half the story .. if at all. Fear drives the amount of ihnen.Eine Another thing many do not know that many of our medicines are a deriviative of a vegetable substance today.


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As we progress into the twenty-first century, we have made many inroads and advances in medicine due to new discoveries in chemistry, biology, and physics. Conventional medicine,

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More economics from the maushdoe. Far too many people get far too much medicine that is unnecessary and often unused. The 300ft doctor visit fee which, for spite, Fidesz had overturned would have reduced the deficit some years ago.Social and fiscal responsibility is the state's, not the pharma companies. If a fair price is agreed then that is it. Do not tax it. Rather try and halt the practice of doctors writing unnecessary prescriptions for hypochondriac patients.


Treatment options are severely limited and where treatment is available David from google google.com

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