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23 April 2012


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Make the devil sorry he ever messed with you. ;) Sorry about your crazy trip to the loony bin...I mean, the hotispal. :)2 pieces of that pie left in my fridge if you want to come over tomorrow morning. :)Love ya girl.

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Smoking is the no1 but watch also some other products we use at home and they are no innnceot, in fact they are dangerous. Especially some cleaning products which are marked with the X sign, liquid laundry cleaning products or oven cleaning sprays, some wall painting products, thinners, sprayed furniture paints, and city air pollution from cars. Also I personally believe that these home electrical air ionizers purifiers or negative ion generators are not safe (just my opinion).


BecuzIAmAGeek = if your father had been given MRI or CT scans at each phsiycal? The disease would have been caught and possibly treated when he could have been saved! IGNORANCE is the killer here. Patients who smoke need follow up and CT or MRI's to look and see if cancer is forming WELL BEFORE they ever become breathless or coughing horribly. You can even go to cash MRI clinics to get knowledge about the state on ones health. Lung Cancer can be growing for 15+ years before there is a sign.


I'm a 59 year-old male who has been on statins for about 15 years. I've done Pravachol, Zocor, Crestor, and am ptrsenely on Lipitor (40 mg). Why the range of meds? Because sooner or later, I've developed muscle pain in my legs (and elsewhere). In the past few months, the pain has gotten much worse. It's ironic: I joined a gym in January to improve my health, but the resulting leg pain has been troubling. I've heard it all stretch, get new athletic shoes, slow down your routine, etc. But to me, the truth seems to be that statins are playing a role. I am about 40 lbs. overweight (5'10, 220 lbs.) and have been losing weight, but the pain seems to go beyond any getting used to exercise time period. Yesterday, my wife and I strolled for two miles and by the evening, I couldn't find a comfortable position for my legs.My questions is this: my doctor has recommended that I cease the Lipitor for a week. I have and have seen little difference, but is a week long enough? I understand his concern; I have three cardiac stents (90% blockage 3 years ago, so I know statins are no guarantee that nothing can ever happen while you're on them). Any suggestions?


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