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06 April 2012


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Just bought yeeratdsy during the steam sale. This game is GREAT! I spend all day working on game development, and playing Nimbus is like a tiny vacation from production frustrations. Even the challenging levels have that perfect Zen.'How many sales do I need to generate for you before you'll release a level editor? Seriously, I'll do anything I can to help sell this game if it means an editor. I want to make levels!


Ack! SO CUTE! Fran loves to watch TV, too (she's also in full Superman pose as I type this!). Clearly this can mean one thing and one thing only: our cats are SOUL MATES! I wonder if this means Atlas will take on other qkruiy cat habits that I've seen exhibited in Franny? Such as playing fetch and being a master fly catcher?! Time will tell

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Symptoms of Nickel Oxide toxicity iuldnce skin rash or skin irritations that resolve or heal rather slowly, fatigue, dizziness and other symptoms. It is plausible that any chemical tests thus far have not accounted for prolonged use of atomizers, which would slowly strip the metal and create ions through the DC current. FYI

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