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06 April 2012


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that obesity is oh so ioaprtmnt as a cause of cancer, but I defy you to find the data that would actually support this statement. Yes, some cancers are definitely related to obesity, but overall most cancers aren't. The information that supposedly supports the statement isn't even in the report anywhere but in some inaccessible supplement. The International Obesity Task Force and its chair were ioaprtmnt participants and the IOTF started life as a drug-company funded lobbying group (funded generously mostly by Roche) to get governments to change their obesity policies (basically to start paying for weight loss drugs for the populace). Gee, could that have some relation to why the WCRF report says obesity is so ioaprtmnt as a cause of cancer, when most objective sources actually estimate something much lower? The report seems to emulate the approach of the tobacco industry - put together some gigantic report that no one can read and study in full, then put out some misleading summary about what the report shows.


I have been a client of wotch for the past 7 years and i am so gteraful to them they have saved my life and provide an amazing service. My worker has been there every step of the way and has been my biggest supporter and has helped me to find myself and be off medication for 2 years and out of the hospital for 3, and i agree that the hospital system treats us like criminals when all we are looking for is understanding, thank you wotch from the bottom of my heart

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Actually cancer is curable in their first stage, but after some time that is not possible; all peoples are knows that tobacco is creates some cancer, but many people are eating these. I think breast and cervical cancer are very dangerous and these are not curable in starting. This world health day is a best day of the world, so thanks for sharing this.


This review is from: Community/Public Health Nursing Practice: Health for Families and Populations (Paperback) This book is hilhgy contradictory and badly written. The book has 24 different authors (even though it says only two on the cover), usually one for each chapter, and I don't believe the chapters were reviewed for consistency and possible discrepancies before the chapters were thrown together. I had to have this book for nursing school and this book did not help me at all. A waste of money- all it's really good for is toilet paper when you're out

Community Health Care

“It’s not only about how long you live, but also about how well you live.” – very well said. I hope more efforts are focused on decreasing cancer risk factors.

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