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20 April 2012


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one thing, another the exact opiptose. Which one to trust? This has an important long term effect in that it causes people to lose faith in the Scientific Method, which, thanks to "gummint eddication", few of them grasp at all in the first place.This needs to be fixed, and soon. A loss of faith in science will doom this nation (and possibly mankind) to a new dark ages. The system does not allow for reduced science understanding, it needs policy makers to grasp more about science than ever before. At some point, some stupid decision is going to occur which ravages the people. The body count is going to be unprecedented in human history.


With respect Dymphna, and this is a very inetresting and important post, it is illogical to say that there is more than a 100% chance that something will happen. 100% is as certain as we can get. When you add up the various factors for cancer, remember that just because a and b may each indicate a 30% risk does not mean that having both you have a 60% chance. They might combine as a 45% risk. It is a problem of distinguishing necessary and sufficient causes, which is something I don't think we have done yet with cancer. If say 50% of people are predisposed to something, and there can be a number of triggers, if you are one of those 50%, then the more triggers the deadlier (though you can't go above 100% certainty); but if you are not one of those 50%, firing the triggers may not be as deadly for you.I quibble because it is so important. Best wishes.

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After watching the whole Jekyll Island video, I reailzed towards the end that his conclusions are totally at odds with the conclusions of the Money Masters documentary. I hesitate to criticize since I am just a lowly surfer on a quest, but I have to say that I think there is a big difference between the two approaches and although I am someone who believes we should all be buying gold (wishing I could afford much more myself) I would have wholeheartedly recommended Jekyll Island if I had not first seen Money Masters. MM is far more than just a video of a man reciting his opinion (as Jekyll is) but backs up their argument with a few centuries worth of evidence, quotes, and historical record. G Edward Griffin (Jekyll video) gets a lot of things right, I believe, but he ignores whole swathes of history when he advocates for the return of a gold standard. Anywho, you must decide for yourself!


I have mixed feelings on this probbaly because I do fundraising for the Susam G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure every year. It is increasingly expensive to participate in (up to $2300 per walker now) and I usually am trying to help teammates raise their portion as well.So for a good 6-8 months out of the year I am that girl annoying the world outside of my Aunt's grocery store (the only one in her town so no avoiding me!) and outside my in-laws popular tourist shop. However, I know I'm annoying people. It sucks, but I made the commitment to raise the money and damn it all I'm going to see it through!When I go through the grocery stores I never have cash. When I tell the boy/girl scouts this, the Salvation Army, the needy flavor of the week, etc they look at me with pity like I just don't know how ashamed of myself I should be for loving the convenience of my credit cards. They judge me, as do the people in front of and behind me rummaging through their wallets for a buck. They don't know I donate to Goodwill and the Women's Resource Center almost monthly. They don't remember seeing me on the sides of the streets, dressed up like a fool/hooker in pink trying to do the same thing.When they walk past me, I don't judge them. I know how it feels and how annoying it is. Fundraising should be less obtrusive and there to allow those who feel a connection to the cause to generously give what they may straight from their hearts, not a guilt trip to every Tom, Dick, Harry, and Sally needing a loaf of bread or, heaven forbid, a six-pack of beer.


Jake, on a news show (can't remember now which one) this last wekneed, they tracked down a spammer by his sales id number. Apperantly, these folks have sales ID's with websites, and get commission on the memberships, drugs, etc. they sell on these spam sites. It was an interesting show, took them a long time to track down the individual who had sent the woman a particular spam.I just usually delete delete delete, but I'm going to keep an eye out for spams such as the one you got and report them!


Swings and roundabouts.Here in Europe we had an inebdcirly cold early winter, but actually spring came early to the UK and March was inebdcirly warm and April was pretty dry.We could do with a bit of your rainstorms over here as farmers are already saying that many crop yields will be down due to lack of early season rainfall.You lot seem to have a choice as to whether storms go from the Gulf of Mexico straight north or track up the East Coast. If they track up the east coast, we seem to get rain here in the UK. But if they go straight north, quite often we stay dry.It's by no means an exact correlation, but I think people will realise in the next ten years that all the oscillations from mean are inter-related and what's bad' for one geography will be good' for another.Compare Western Australia and NSW. Compare UK and Ukraine. North African rain and UK drought. There's linkages


Hi Patrick Thanks for the comment. With Cygwin, we have done some ports, but have obesvred significant performance drops in doing so. I am not sure that SFU would give us much better/worse. Most of the vendors you indicate are already existing vendors on Windows. It is no surprise to see them on CCS. The code porting issue is a significant one. Native ports will almost always (rare exceptions) give you better performance with good compilers. More importantly native ports are better coupled to the platform, less baggage in the way. Also important is the 32 vs 64 bit issue. Several windows folks I have spoken to don't believe their is a performance difference between 32 bit and 64 bit code. This is incorrect. There is a difference, and it can be quite significant. We were measuring and reporting on this in 2003/2004 time frames. All this said, the PGI compiler is the most interesting aspect. As long as we can get a POSIX wrapper around it, porting should be a little easier. Its that POSIX wrapper that doesn't seem to be of interest to Microsoft. You would prefer native, yet the barriers to porting POSIX code/environments is large. All of the above vendors you have cited (well most of them) have initiatives for Itanium2 systems as well. This is not a non-sequitur, I am pointing out that they have (most of them anyway) backed other platforms that have not lead to a success on that platform. After years of trying to gain traction, all but a few have given up on that platform. The rationale for giving up on the platform had to do with a mixture of disappointed sales volume, coupled with a better, cheaper, faster product available in the market. You may be able to buy Itanium2 systems well into the future. They just are not part of most of the successful vendors major platforms in HPC (save a few who made critical errors in judgement nearly a decade ago). I am also aware that Microsoft provides some sort of marketing $$$ to these folks for signing up. I am sure they will all push the platform hard. I looked over the scripting site. Ouch. You really have to know windows internals to be able to write these things. Painful. Also, some uh advocacy in there with jabs at telnet and ssh being inconsistent . As they are designed for different purposes, decades apart, yeah, it is possible that they are inconsistent . Since most cluster admins would use rsh or ssh, and they are effectively interchangable, well Anyway, I do look forward to the rest of the reply.

Michael Harper Sr.

You know , I would really like to ask you simply this, And get a strait answer, and not some Bullshit Corporate Buy out Piece of worthless person that don't care about people with cancer That Don't Have Boobs in the title.. and Even though that is the cancer you promote.. Why you promoteing only Women Health is beyond Me and i am sure A million others.. IS it because Males don't have Breast?That you can Use for your Babrie Doll Syndrome Bullshit.. Got to save a boob .. Why don't You Save a LIFE of A CANCER PATENT ,Lung, Childhood,Prostate, All More Important then a BOOB.. SO where did you all get the money from to Take your selves over sees That is None American .Area. to Promote Your Worthlessness Caring?? There Is My question.. My quote.. "MAN UP And DO WHAT IS RIGHT"..Have a Conscious not Deep Pockets.

Betsy Thompson

Does ACS use donor funds designated for Cancer to finance it's jaunts to Arab countries to promote Tobacco Cessation for Heart Disease? I missed where the word "Cancer" came into play? Is this what people are walking laps "Relaying" for?
The AMERICAN Cancer Patients DEMAND accountability from this deceptive organization.We are being bilked for the profiting and global infiltration of this monstrous shell-organization. While here in the homeland, cancer patients receive NOTHING.

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The goal of the WCC is provide cardiologists and their colleagues with the most up-to-date science in the prevention and treatment of heart disease.

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