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07 March 2012


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I feel the emptiness that so many cecnar survivors has shared with their inability to conceive children as a result that the cecnar has left them sterile. I had suffered with undiagnosed cecnar through several pregnancies and wonder if I had known what hardships and pain my cecnar would induce on my little children, If I had know what this hard cruel world would bring them would I have made the decision to give birth to them and bring them into a world with a mother fighting cecnar. What kind of parent have I become to been to bring children into this world to that have to watch their mother vomiting from the chemotherapy. The pain from the surgeries and the financial burden on the family taking away the college savings from their education. Is this a way to raise little children with the always lingering threat that they will become motherless. What have I brought on these children bringing them into a world where they have at an early age have had to learn to forge for their food. They have had the responsibilities of making sure their mommy is taking her medication and their homework is done without the assistance of a loving parent. As a cecnar patient with children it breaks my heart to see the life that this has brought to them. Every day that they try to be a child they also have a huge burden to carry with them that even though they did not choose this life style, they have to take care of the mom when it should be the other way around. These children have lost part of their childhood. Cancer affects people so many different ways. Some men have a hard time dealing with the drama and the stress brought upon them as sole financial providers and care givers. Children try to pick up the slack and become caregivers when they should be concentrating on being a child and growing up with two positive role models that would give the world for their success. Cancer is a robber! It robs the adults, the children and those who are unable to reproduce their own. Their are no winners with cecnar. There are those who survive with out the children and the children who survive with out the parents. Trying to explain why there are no children and trying to explain why there are no parents is

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