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21 March 2012


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Emily,What an outstanding potnisg! Very poignant and thought-provoking. Reading this was like looking in the mirror, as cancer treatment robbed me of my fertility and I adopted a baby girl from China. I waited four years, and I had to provide a note from my oncologist that I was in good enough health to adopt.I understand what you are going through and wish you and your husband the best. I, too, thought I couldn't become a parent because of 1) my cancer history and 2) I got divorced after cancer.You can become a parent. It's not too late. You just need patience and perseverance, and your little one will come.


You could have fibromylagia .This post was so me I too have have a tiearnml illness phobia and have fairly certain I have googled each of those due to symptoms amazing how every symptom fits perfectly yet we are never diagnosed Perhaps our tiearnml illness phobia comes from parenthood? Who the Eff knows, I am just so thankful, that someone else I know has all of the same diseases I have and is still living to blog about it! Thank you for making me think I am actually SANE!!!


and Plays of Assotto Saint by Assoto SaintThis book has been amazingly peosnral with reading his autobiographical works but also his relentless spirit to live his life as a gay man of Afro-Haitian descent. He died in the early 90 s after battling HIV/AIDS. Granted, I am not HIV+, however, I am a human being that has fought tooth and nail with a fucked up health care system and identify as gay and am black. There is something to be said about these layered identities. But there seems to be this common denominator that overrides all identity when it comes to facing mortality and that's profound. And I love it. Thank you Cheesesteak for being a vessel and sharing these thoughts and feelings. They are valid. I will continue to reciprocate. We are all serving a purpose whatever that may be.This is the quote: I don't ever want to show anyone my physical and psychological wounds and scars without telling them what caused me to hurt, what it will take to heal me, and what collectively and responsibly should be done to prevent similar injuries from ever happening, again for me or to others That surpasses the flesh and emobodies the spirits in which we all have. Our spirits may be broken, raped, numb, wounded, overjoyed, overwhelmed, and so much more. We have a purpose.Love,Double O

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Dave. I am so grateful for you wrinitg this. Not only has it touched me, but it rings so true to things I've pondered on deeply myself. I am all about this, and my goal is to live out loud. I couldn't have put how I feel, better. People have slandered me for using my voice to support a cause, and I continue on, because I know, nothing happens from nothingness. It takes action to make a movement. Anyways, thanks for posting this, I love it.&, if you don't mind. I'd love to steal a quote from this to post on my FB page for all to see.


I just heard the good news from Aniet. We're so happy for you. All the praying, sniigng, dancing and the positive fibes have worked. We will drink a good glass of wine on Reese her health.I heard you two also had a drink , well I think you deserve it.We keep thinking of you three. Lots of love and a big kiss. Hans and Soy


Hi Jo, sorry but I'm going to argue with you two posts in a row (In my defence, the weatehr here is horrible and has probably affected my mood.)For the Cancer Council, and similar problems, it's finding the low cost, short term investments that will be the big problem. Clean Up Australia day works because the skill set required for the volunteers is minimal: just the ability to pick up a piece of rubbish. But cancer research? As you point out, low-cost researchers are worth what you paid for them. But what else can non-cancer researchers volunteer for, other than perhaps swallowing experimental medicines under supervision? (And this is definitely an area where the volunteers HAVE to be carefully monitored letting people do their own thing and report back will not be accurate enough.)The Cancer Council may very well have explored the ideas you are proposing, and simply come to the conclusion that the best and most productive contribution that a community member can make is money.Moving on to social media as a whole, something you will have to address is how to deal with griefers.Take [email protected] project as an example.Some people disassembled the client and rebuilt it with different code, either because they thought they were better programmers than the original authors or because they wanted to submit faked ET signal results.Much more common are people simply faking the results. At first they just resubmitted the same result multiple times. As [email protected] devote more time and effort to detecting fakes, griefers have moved on to increasingly elaborate schemes of repetition and time shifting. (Google for [email protected] cheating' you'll be amazed.)My reaction, and the first reaction of almost everyone, is why on earth would anyone bother to do so? The answer, it seems, is If community members can point to something however small that they have done to assist a charitable venture then they have a much more emotional investment in the initiative. And for a griefer, the end justifies the [email protected] is a fairly obscure area of research that appeals to geeks. I shudder to think of what could happen in cancer research, where there are cranks with axes to grind ( mobile phones cause cancer! No, genetically modified vegetables cause cancer ) and also serious amounts of money to made.Looking forward to your next post, in which you will no doubt effortlessly demolish these objections.Reply

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DJ, my thoughts and paryers are with you. I really pray that you have a good news after your second opinion. My Mom was diagnosed in '99 with late stage ovarian cancer and she fought it for four years. In the beginning she felt it was much harder for us to deal with than it was for her. It is something that truly effects the whole family. The one thing that she longed for later on, was normalcy. She wanted someone to treat her as they would anyone else instead of as a cancer patient. I really pray that it is not a cancer diagnosis for you, DJ. It is just so hard...


, the emotional part of it can be csrhuing. I kept myself as positive as possible and would not tolerate people who insisted on being negative around me. I was alive and I was determined to stay that way. If I lost the fight, then they could bury me but until that point, I wasn't going to allow ANYONE to throw dirt on me. My faith, my wife and family, and my doctors brought me through some real hard times but I never, EVER quit, not even for a moment. I was afraid if I slowed down, something might catch me so I went headlong into my treatment. I know you are a strong person and I hope you can find the same support I found. I've read your faith professed here and I believe you have a good bedrock already. God bless you my friend.V

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