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21 March 2012



I hate to say this, but I think there is a lot of math. I think on your 1st year, you would take the basic math classes that every bssuneis student takes (Calculus with bssuneis applications). After that in sophomore year, you would have to take a few accounting classes. These Accounting classes have lots of math (especially word problems). After that you take finance class. I think you still have to do math in those classes (this one I'm not sure). So I guess you have lots and lots of math. The math is not too bad. It is not like engineering math. It is just simple math. I am a accounting student so most of my classes are with finance people.


Probably the income level of the co-signer will be a facotr in being approved ..FYI: if you have trouble making payments don't let your co-signer find out the hard way three months later when his/her credit report is showing a defaulted car loan ..Let you co-signer know immediately if you cannot make the payment


I don't know. The doctors aren't wrong about this, and there've been a lot of stdiues for specific diseases. Nevertheless, if you look at average life span, maybe the numbers could be reversed for one simple reason. People who are not well to begin with will not take up smoking. Only healthy people can afford such a habit. If you were to do a paired study, where people matched for initial health were randomly assigned to smoke or not smoke, I'm sure you would identify a problem with smoking pretty quickly. Since such a study would be unethical, we can never know with certainty the effect of smoking.This certainly doesn't mean that I don't agree with your basic idea that prohibition is a bad thing and people deserve the freedom to pick their own poison.

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It COULD happen - Depending on how much you're mnkiag in Total from BOTH your Jobs You'd have a much BETTER chance of getting that Deal- if you could get your co-signer to take out the Loan, you pay HIM back Of course, that wouldn't improve YOUR Credit Score any So all you can really do, is give it a Try, see what happens! Good Luck!


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