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20 February 2012


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If it is 48% failure, the world poewrs of nations can take it that Obama stands true to his morals of charisma with which he came into Power to represent the most powerful democracy that is highly sensitively based where mind’s temporary imperfection stands to catch up with the change that was necessary for America and necessary for the world at large to reckon in human terms.One year of Obama’s role is insufficient to make an assessment because dilution of Presidential Charisma to match with public consumption is not a joke – I would therefore say 48% failure rating as projected is “transition”—and not a fact because it is related with the performance of relative time over which his (Obama’s) Charisma stands linked with the Infinite of Its unconscious state in him evolving and what is evolving as good can only indicate at present that (Obama) needs 4 years plus – to make things smooth for America and the world; reason – because he is a natural being blessed to receive inputs on his charisma to make mind’s temporary imperfections to move with his flexibility on them that are in the offing after the initial grounds appearing disturbing have been laid both for America as nation and the world tiding over the past governing history of this good earth.Well, this is a short and sweet comment on what stands reported.


I think the President has done the best job that can be expected in times such as these. Let's not froegt that he assumed office amid the worst economic situation since the Great Depression. No one can dispute that. Since then, he has worked to keep the economy afloat, and that effort has been mostly successful. However, it can't be done without creating some kind of economic activity. Government spending is the natural way to do this, and several leading economists support this method.With regard to foreign policy, the President has worked to restore the image of America and re-establish our relationships around the world. This starts with respecting the sovereignty of all nations and recognizing that we all benefit from improved relations abroad. Amidst two wars, one of which was not necessary, the President has shown great strength and leadership in addressing the needs of our military. As a result, they are winning on these fronts and have a clear mission.Domestically, Pres. Obama has worked toward implementing the most significant health care legislation in over 40 years. The reason it has taken so long is because it is a controversial issue with wide-ranging opinions. When you get to the bottom of the legislation, however, it is not the vilified, death-panel-creating bill that is commonly advertised. Considering the continuum of international health systems ranging from socialistic government-employed health workers to the market oriented system of fully private health insurance, this bill is solidly in the middle. Important medical decisions are made between a patient and his/her physician, and those who make less than 400% of poverty will receive assistance to purchase a private, non-government health insurance policy.With elections coming up this November, it is likely that the power of Congress will shift in some way. It is unknown whether or not it results in a complete shift of majority. What I can say is that I hope for new party leadership on both sides of the aisle that focuses on solving problems together and acts in the common interest of all Americans. I believe that opinions will differ and debate will take place; however, I think the tone of this Congress' leadership has become far too distasteful, and that is part of the reason for America's frustration with Washington.


The subtle wits of American leredas fly high and low – why? – that is because the past stands too deeply engrained in them and they want to live with it for their moments of excellence – Sarah Palin the excellent lady continues to give a plus to Obama on his creative charge and in that sense, she is indirectly doing good service for America. Republicans should be happy to learn this Truth that has brought America to the state of Light for Obama to pick on it.One thing good about American Democracy is it is “truly participating” and lasting with lessons for others to follow in modernity to tap blue horizons of life.Those blue horizons just do not end in economics that has many minds to tap the financial barometer of the country self educative in working of its affluent class and ordinary class both domestically and internationally relating to perfection with budgeting of money in economic plans that have been existing and are in the process to move charismatically with a tide over where bipartisan element also comes into play well integrated to test the mettle of the top leader of the country who has to stand over the continuous democratic element evolving of the country both in economic as well as inherently in spiritual terms for the good of the people at large mixing with the culture of exchange that has humanity behind it to survive?? By nature, the present President of America has that element in him – I should not be saying this but I am being inherently made to convey this as comment of exception for America and for Obama whose whole (Obama and his better half) stand as an extension through the ex Presidential candidate’s Charisma Of the Secretary Hillary Clinton that President Obama’s Charisma has selflessly absorbed for function in the cabinet gracefully for America and the world.That shows the humbleness of President Obama and maturity of Hillary Clinton of acceptance without a feeling of high and low of ego regarded as exceptional in Divinity.I was not supposed to make this comment and I have done so to urge the Republicans to accept their Light within of consensus through individual projections under control as Obama’s gesture of bipartisanship that will come to address.In short, this comment is all about health and health care where economics alone does not come into the picture with a rigorous analysis on it but should also extend as leverage to the person in play (Obama) who is also selflessly poised with corrections on it over the infra structure of it that he has proposed for approval as ego of his working element as the executive public ally chosen as the President that had appealed to the public at large voting even putting behind able leredas like McCain?George W Bush was the last to steer America into the Light over the past of America and that stands as the subtle truth even today as on date with Bill Clinton the ex President of America giving support through his excellent independent caliber for Obama ultimately to head the show of America that was time bound of its reality that sees no barriers and to which he accepted well in his individual capacity as the free lance ex President of America. I have to stop here because it basically conveys the essence of this communication for Obama today that he is today to execute for America and the world at large?? – I do not see ego hassles when I am on my draft of communications because they flow spontaneously through me in my absolute “switch off” capacity from the lower realms of life as a being of life for the Being that I am for life.I thank all for bearing with me or rejecting me at the mind levels because that is how I am poised for all life to relish me as food.

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that should eicxte the repugs.My ex-husband lives there and so does my eldest son.ever since have gone there I do find that there is very little tolerance of minorities esp. blacks.there is a saying that there is pittsburg and philadelphia and in between is alabama. I guess they can include pitts. as part of that redneck part of the state of pa.

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Cancer is the one of the major global threat. Despite ,of several research in treatment of cancer, the number of cancer patients are increasing at fast pace.It is a matter of serious concern for all.


Obamacare: What health roferm means to you as a Californian With Sunday’s vote in the House of Representatives, Congress has passed the first piece of an historic overhaul of the nation’s health care system. What will this roferm mean for you — as a consumer of insurance, a patient and a California taxpayer?


The tax credits will be based on your incmoe and the cost of your premiums. No one making less than $88,000 a year for a family of four will have to pay more than about 9.8 percent of their incmoe for premiums. Low-incmoe people will pay less. The plans will also cover more of the cost of the care for low incmoe people. At the low end of the incmoe spectrum, plans will cover 94 percent of costs. At the high end, they will pay only 70 percent of costs.


First I want to say I'm sorry for your loss. I don't think the focus is just on breast cenacr. I think many women are effected by it and so there are many women who take a stand and create organizations to help raise awareness. You're right, all cenacr's should be recognized, but it takes someone to get out there and start raising the awareness.


a mouth full there tampage. Stage 4 is ptrety bad. Chemo and radiation would be used to shrink the tumours and hopefully buy more time. However people have beaten those long odds before. Your friend is young and strong and will fight this thing.

Account Deleted

Good luck ,Great post,y love you!


Great website! I would send it to my firned in Texas. She loves getting cards. I love the Andrew Bannecker's print called 'Wish' and the music I would pick is Usher.Coty.cotysloan at yahoo dot com


Maryanne, even growing countries like India, Nepal, and other in Asia have Breast Cancer awareness programs. These awareness programs are encouraging Women and also give the courage to those suffering from Breast Cancer.

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