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04 February 2012



WisdomIsMisery's maturity is rilvaed only by his immaturity. As a Scorpio, many women wish death on him and some have attempted to hasten its arrival. He purposefully antagonizes people and lives on the Internet because real life doesn't have a block feature. He is not a model, a model citizen or a role model. If it wasn't for social media he'd be a sociopath. You should read his posts because if you read this bio you obviously have nothing better to do.


Excellent advice here, indnucilg the last bit. Considering dropping alcohol as well. Dropped my beloved tobacco 2 years ago and its been great, but my experiments with not drinking for a few months have delivered mixed results. I've been testing another plan for the last 3 weeks: drinking the ideal number of drinks. I've set a rule that I can (and should) have 2 drinks of good wine every evening. It's been working out exceptionally well so far we'll see.


Lady Layla happy day to see some of my most favorite work diroasctitns (e.g. the writers of TLC) in my cozy little mountain town! Gorgeous here, eh? Agree on the vertigo. I was last in the Barn when I was preggers and after dizzingly sauntering around, I threw up behind a lovely cast iron stove. Sad. But true. So when you guys are in town again, please come stay at our little family treehouse just south of the city. Free place to stay: checkTwo adorable little blonde girls to play with: checkLots of walls to look at and inspire me with ideas for: absolutely check.Watching snowfall by the chiminea, sipping lattes, and oggling the free stack of inspiring mags together: checkNew great friendship to be made? Absolutely check.


Layla Thanks for posting your trip there! We hpeeanpd to go to Pigeon Forge for the weekend after you posted your trip and I was JACKED!!! SO, I talked my honey into going to Asheville for the day just to check out the place! It was fabulous! I left with some good deals that you can't find in the Cincinnati area!Also, next time you are in Asheville, check Luella's Bar B Que on Merrimont and The French Broad Chocolate Lounge on S. Lexington!! Best Bar B Que and Chocolate that I have had in a while.PS Thank you for your FABULOUS ideas and the blog is beautiful. I renovated a 1951 kitchen using your ideas and everyone in the neighborhood (who all have 1950 s tile 3/4 way the wall) are wondering why they didn't think of it. thanks again and good luck with everything!


Cartomisers are the best especially the low itsrseant ones. Grab some empty softtop 501 cartomizers, pull the top off and put a delrin driptip on it and you can drip 9 or so drops quickly and easy. Its sooo much better than dripping into a standard 501 cartridge


I'm a fan of the Ego it's the first I purchased after my 808. Had it amoslt a year with daily charging and it's still going strong. I just purchased the mega ego in pink for my wife.Lately though I have been using a Leo, it has a direct mini usb charge port so you can use it as a pass through or unplug it and take it with you. I use an adapter for 510 carto's and it's some of the best vaping yet.


There were already legal rdmeeies for the afflicted users: sue for false advertising (if that was the case) or sue for selling a harmful product. There was no need to form a new, and likely unconstitutional, federal agency.


the oitids who the oitids who donate to charity make me laugh. if this guy won't steal the money, someone else working in the office will. but they keep doing it to make themselves feel good about helping others or to go to heaven (donation is an ongoing bank account with god, according to them)

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Good luck ,Great post,y love you!

Account Deleted

Good luck ,Great post,y love you!


Dr. Sellman,Thank you for such an excellent lcritae. I've been watching the Gardasil vaccine story play out with such dismay. Especially when the media so often attacks the supplement industry as unregulated (which it isn't). Look at how the CDC and the FDA are in cahoots with Merck just because Merck pays the FDA bills with licensing fees. I wish there was more mainstream coverage of this terrible story of vested interests taking priority over our children's health. Appalling!

treatment for cancer

this is awesome! i pray for those with cancer every day!

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