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11 November 2011


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My grandfather died of leikemua. An uncle survived prostate cancer. Another uncle is a survivor of throat cancer. My father and all of his brothers have had melanoma. All, with the exception of my grandfather, had gone through screening and were treated as early as possible. With my grandfather, it appeared that he got it so quickly that it was not treatable for someone of his age.Cancer, regardless of what kind it is, is a terrible thing. They are all equal in my mind.I'm sick to death of the prostate cancer vs. Breast cancer and the complaints that one (breast) gets more PR than the other (prostate). It's not a girls vs. boys cancer. I actually believe that Breast cancer gets more attention than prostate cancer because women don't have prostates, but men have Breast tissue and can get Breast cancer as well. Breast cancer can affect everyone, not just one gender.If you want to accurately compare the attention that girls vs. boys cancers get, you should compare prostate and cervical or ovarian cancers. I expect you will find that prostate cancer gets greater PR than cervical or ovarian cancers.

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