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03 October 2011



Doorgunner, your points SHOULD be easy to prove if they are true. Can you? No. This dbteae isn't about the Islamists being out to get us, we all know they are. I can find documentation that states radical islamists are just as easily as I found documentation that the Chinese are NOT out to get us. Your one source about China's animosity came from 1963 yes thats 2 generations ago right in at the tail end of the Korean war and the beginning of Viet Nam. We have become their trading partners since them, HEAR THAT PI. We are their friends to the point we trust them with technology. The world can change a LOT in a half century, including international alliance. You have come up with a couple of other sources, but have given no indication you understand what they are about. Quotes please,,,,,,, You CLAIM to have read them, then find the quotes, it should be easy. I am not challenging the sources themselves, but they don't prove your point. QUOTES. No wait. You gave quotes from the Communist Manifesto that are obviously NOT in the communistt manifesto then you try to shift the attention by calling me a bad dbteaer. Well, if you are going to LIE in a dbteae, at least have the class to own up to it and make sure the next time you make a CM quote, it includes verbage about the Bourgois, not the United Nations. The CM is about them. If you would like, I can put the entire Communist Manifesto on a post. Your overt attacks on Democrats using the CM are shallow, spurious, and obviously fabricated lies. Doorgunner, you have failed to prove a single point. You have given fictitious sources, you have lied in your quotes, and you have shown yourself to be irrationally paranoid. There was once a point where I could have been convinced you had expertise in the subject, but now I think the concept is funny.


How can we make or force an individual to be relsinsobpe? How can we say that education is always the answer? Especially if people choose not to become educated or flat out refuse So, with that thought in mind entitlements are an easy out for those types above.Human Nature might have some positive qualities to it in the sense, its what people do Its how they behave. And some people behave mostly in a relsinsobpe manner. Some human beings are more healthy. Note again..I stated mostly.. Just a general sort of way.But if by most , we mean $200,000,000 million people are honest,healthy and hard working..we still have the 100.000,000 million that have chosen not to behave properly and have attitudes that are contrary to the America way and its principles or its relsinsobpe attitudes.We support some small common wealth nations in the mix.That would mean..that we even have more people we could add to our list of those dependent on the tax payers money to support them. We have created our own enigma .and to me it appears, we are spiraling downward instead of pulling ourselves out of it. It seems like the bootstraps are all made out of paper and they break before they can be pulled up.The question now is . how does the Government educate parents that have minimal incomes to be rational and have 1 child or at least only the ones they can afford? How can you get them or force them to think that way????Often they are thinkers, but they think with their lower anatomy and not their brains.How do you educate young men and women so that they should not bring Children into this world recklessly, and force them to be aware that they should strongly believe there is a consequence and it affects others besides themselves?We've had sex Education now..going on 30 some years..I don't see that its produced anything but sexualizing our children.. making them younger and younger in their sexual experimentation.It was rare to see females back in the 60 s and 70 s to drop out of school because of unwanted pregnancies. Maybe one or possibly two to a class. Now we see its a pandemic in the school systems.And this is not speaking to the abortions that have been performed.What is the answer? More entitlement programs?More abortion clinics? More money for education that is already failing us?I don't see us as coming a long way progressively Suggestions Comments please! I'm totally frustrated ..


Not that Blind Now that..you've judged me to be a cosnpiracy theorist, . Boy, that stereotype puts me in my place. Good job..now I am not credible because of your judgmental attitude and malicious use of the debating process.Did you learn that tactic in the Sophist school of debate you attended or the College you are now attending?Is Sophist another of those million dollar words that you and The truth talk about? Or just a word that paints a picture of debaters using deceit. Simply put!Is that another left wing comback that destroys and undermines a persons experience and knowledge and makes them non-credible? You must be Naive to use Conspiracy Theorist if you've seen my posts.We all have our theories..We all make assumptions..we all use a certain amount of creative license to form our opinions. (example)Heck look at the Micheal Moores of this world. Making millions on speculation.I have the book Unrestricted Warfare in my hand. Do you?You have relied on other people for your interpretation of this books authors. Not that blind goes to the web site of his choice to get his indoctrination. Not that blind has in the past called people sheepals..lemmings..people of the Bush ilk, paranoid freaks, nut cases,and the like, but gets his debate information from only true sources of interpretation or commentary on every subject, He very own selective..cherry picked web sites.Now, I will agree with you on one item. That RED China is progessing in the area of trade . But, of course its with China having an advantage over us. WE are their useful idiots . And are debtors to them. Whats new about Useful idiots to you there?Gee! I would have thought that not that blind would have at least commented on the distruction that China is doing to our labor market..The Democrats are champions of that issue, and have dibs on that market of pigeon holing. Destroying our good jobs is one indirectly related part of the book.The book also talks of tactical maneuvers that have goals of breaking into the computer networks of banking and news organizaion, stealing stored data, deleting programs and disseminating disinformation (Not Plausible?)(Conspiratorial?)The book mentions(Council On Foreign Relations) George Soros Quantum Fund exploitation schemes, and the magnitude of finacial wars that can destroy a country from within ..(plausible)?Conspiratorial?Then we could go on and on to prove my belief on the book..but you have already formed your conclusion on it. So its back to name calling and pigeon holing.(Segue)Concerning tactics and patterns of behavior that are connected in debate.What is your take on the DaVinci Code myth?Any truth to its conception? I have friends that believe Dan Brown was a very truthful man and knows what he was talking about.And these friends believe that the Novel is factually sound in the bulk of its premises. But these friends refuse to see the other side of the coin. They refuse to read the apologetics concerning the leaping to conclusions by Mr. Brown. Or down right lies in the book.You read your left wing summaries and I'll read the books. You rely on your premises and I'll rely on mine.I thought left wingers had the idea that someone shouldn't knock it if they haven't read it, or tried it type of mentality?

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