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19 September 2011


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This article tries to trace the evolution of womens rights and the role played by media for the same. It describes the position of Women in India and the various International conventions adopted for the promotion and safeguarding of womens rights.

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Support programs and survivorship education at Hunterdon Regional Cancer Center give cancer patients and their families the chance to interact with physicians, health care professionals and experts in the community. Participants may discuss a variety of topics, including diagnosis, treatment, new research, communication and coping skills, community resources, and mind/body approaches to treatment.


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OK girls i know i'm posting in women's health but this is where most girls of similar age are and are usually the most willing to help, here's the thing. Now i'm 17 and have a crush (awww crush omg cute etc whatever), i'm really into the girl and i'm not after her merely for a sexual experience. A week ago i went over to her house and spent a few hours of the day just generally hanging out and having a good time, we laughed and talked and had a few close-ish moments.

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As the issues of women have become clearer and clearer just like non-communicable diseases, it is important that the society including health sectors will make new approach in order to fight against this problems.

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