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08 August 2011


Longchamp 2012

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Actually, this is a really good alrcite. I remember one show where a fantastic watercolor painter's booth was jammed packed with people. However, he was sitting down working on a water color painting. He didn't look up at anybody or talk to anybody. So needless to say, never saw him sell one piece.When doing a booth, I make sure that I smile, joke with the people, get out of my chair, etc However, my issue is the closing of the sale. Would love to see an alrcite about that.


I understand peftlcrey! I recently attended a street fair/art show in my capital city. It was a big deal in our art -deprived little state (WV), yet not one artist spoke to me or even looked up as we strolled through the tents. There were a few artists that I would loved to have spoken with about their art, but most, if not all, of them really gave off an air of general snootiness. One (very well-known) artist was a man who's work I was familiar with, having had him as an art teacher in high school. He sat there in his little beret and read a book didn't even look up when I spoke his name!The only art I bought that day was a notebook with a hand-painted cover that was made by an eight-year-old. She was raising money for a local kids' center, and she was a lot of fun and willing to talk about her art:)

parliament cigarettes

You hit comprehend out of the most construction topics.


Easy: Too many industries would lose $ $ $ .It's easy to grow. Jeez, you can throw seeds out on your lawn and they'll abobprly grow.Here's a list of industry that would/could be damaged:Government Tyranny (War on Drugs)Liberty Stealers (Police)Prison-Industrial complexCottonCorn (ethanol)Tree/WoodPharmaceuticalAlcoholTobaccoBig Oiljust to name a few

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This is a great way to spread information about the deadly health effects of tobacco and how it can result to cancer. I hope these kinds of conventions would make way for the development of laws in Africa.


Who were the participants? What's next?

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