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12 July 2011


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Pete, I've been thinking about this some more. I've hckceed properly for wave non-response effects, and it's not that. It's not a question timing effect, either and I was almost hoping it would be, just so that I could have an explanation. I quite like your idea that this could be part of the broader class-based attitude to work, actually. I have some attitude questions, but they're all from later waves I have to keep reminding myself that if it was easy it would all have been sorted out by now!


I wanna punch these newscasters in the face. A sick man not bevneliig he is sick isn't heroic. Someone who can face their fears and their setbacks without letting it change them is heroic. He's just in denial.


Thanks Alex for that question. HIV/AIDS is a very big bolprem here in Botswana. A very big threat indeed that might wipe us all if the attitudes of people are not changed. We need your help to share with us the best practices from USA.

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just like u said before nigerians believed dat cancer,diabetis and some others diseases were for the rich and affluent but now even d poorest are feeling the scourge.mainly peoples life-style is key to non-communicable diseases like diabetes,hypertension and others.the need to enlighten the people thru the media is important to reduce the number of death associated to these diseases.look forward to reading ur report after the UN newyork summit on NOn-communicable disease.keep up the good work.yes we can.

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