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20 June 2011


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Emmett and Wendy,I am praying that God gives you clear diecrtion this week as you face such big decisions. I trust that His peace will continue to rest upon you and that you can literally find rest in that peace. May the Lord be with you both as you go through this week.


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Dear Wendy and Emmett, I understand your sicenle over the next several days. I, too, have little to say. But the situation has not changed. Only God can heal, through medicine or otherwise. Remembering that nothing has changed at all in that perspective may offer you more hope. Since the day BEFORE Emmett's cancer surfaced, only God heals. And the day that Emmett is healed according to God's will, will be the exact same outcome as it was on that day. Take God's grace for the moment, and remember that Emmett will not die unless God so wills it. For he knows the number of your days; ask Him, and perhaps He will grant YOU to know the number of your days. Whatever may come, God is still God and He will still work according to His will. And since it is His will that I pray for you, I will continue lifting you to God every day. God bless you as He does.With much agape love,Suzi

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