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20 June 2011


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Evidently Virginia has not read any parts of the proposed haatlhcere bill. Dont feel bad, Virginia! The Congressmen and Senators have not read it either! You are in good company. You or I will never get the kind of coverage those people have. You and I will get whatever they decide we can have. Wait 3 years to see a specialist. That means your overworked family practice dr. says you have cancer or a bad heart, you wait 3 years to see the cancer or heart doctor! Most people save the government a lot of money by dying while waiting! My son lives in North Idaho about 100 miles south of Canada. You can hardly get in to a hospital in CoeurDAlene Idaho or Spokane, WA due to the parking lot being full of Canadian vehicles. These are only the Canadians who can afford to pay cash. POOR Canadians have to sit at home waiting to die. Our government is already managing a haatlhcere system. VA Hospitals! Some are very good, but some are terrible! I have had 3 elderly uncles treated at the Boise Idaho VA. It is excellent for the most part. So is Albuquerque NM where another uncle and a cousin have been treated. But, when my uncle lived in southern NM, I took him to the El Paso VA and it was a filthy dump! He was on the same 20 medications for 20 years and felt lousy the entire time there. When he had to move in with his daughter north of Albuquerque, they were quick to take him off all 20 and replace them with 3. He felt 20 years younger! VA care is hit-or-miss, depending on where you happen to be. Is that what we want here? There are good and bad hospitals in my area. I have the choice to not go to the bad ones NOW! Will I under the government plan? I doubt it. We now have the choice of suing a bad doctor or hospital for malpractice or carelessness. Will we under the government plan? We will have no choice and we will have to just take our chances. Frankly, the chances do not sound promising under the government plan. A word to the wise- if you ever sue a doctor or a hospital, no other doctor will accept you as a patient. We were warned about that after our local hospital and (one nurse and one doctor) almost killed my husband twice in two days. We did not sue because he has a terminal illness and HAS to have doctors! Medical care is far from perfect here now. PLEASE DO NOT LET THE GOVERNMENT MAKE IT WORSE! Virginia, I think you need to go back to watching Soap Operas and American Idol and not bother your little head about any of this. Either that or READ THE BILL! There is a part about increasing the time between pregnancies (FORCED ABORTIONS??) and there is a part about not treating elderly and counseling them to just let nature take its course or make other end-of-life decisions. That means denying treatment, Virginia! That means either giving them enough pain meds so they die in peace or else letting them suffer as they die. EITHER WAY, THEY DIE! I am not ready to accept that.


hard to say there are some people that are more gneetically predisposed to certain cancers than others we all know some people will smoke 40 a day for 70 yrs and then die of something other than cancer.there is an increased risk of cancer if you have smoked and i'm sure that your friend had a higher risk of mouth cancer than someone who hasn't chewed tobacco but it doesn't mean he will definately get it

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Economic policy makers like ministers of finance and ministers of planning see noncommunicable diseases as an issue confined to the health sector,” a misperception that needs to be addressed, Bloom said. “Dangers of NCDs are well-ensconced in the business screen of the world community,

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