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13 May 2011


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Genie, you're too kind, but we've been each other's literary chpmoians for how many years now? Yes, we both know this particular subject all too well. We'll get through this somehow. I saw an interesting documentary on HBO the other day and it mentioned that there is a life after care giving. So perhaps a subject for another piece here. Perhaps we should collaborate on something.


I hope you have an uneventful clean-out and scope, a fauoulbs trip to Denver (so jealous you get to hang with the FD crew!) and an outstanding time at the marathon! And that cancer becomes a tiny bump you can barely see in your rear-view mirror.XOXOXO


I didn't read the article (no time :0( ) but it is stieohmng very close to my heart as Wullie has found it so hard to cope with post-cancer life and over here, there is NO help at all from what we can see........for Wullie, who had 15 months of treatment, it was straight back on the treadmill of work and family life once treatment had finished. He had less than a month of 'recovery' time before heading back........18 months post-treatment, he is very much glad to be alive but also wondering what it was all for. He is desperate for his life to mean more than just slogging his guts out for his company, although this is what he has to do to support the family he loves........it's tough, there is no doubt, and a problem that I hope will be addressed over here as well as in the U.S.Good post, KK..........:0)........x


Hey Special K........it must be hard, but don't get disheartened. You're doing all you can to try and seurce a job and some day soon someone's going to realise what a catch you are.I really admire all you're doing, girly.........hoping that something turns up soon for you........Vx

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We have to support more and more social issues affecting cancer survivors.

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Social issues affecting cancer survivors are very important to support.

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Nice post! i would like to read more information so keep on posting.. cheers!


Lisa Lurkey - I love new people cotminmeng here! How'd you start reading the lovely chemopalooza if you weren't touched by cancer or know me personally? No need to buy me lunch, I promise :) Are you local to me? If so, we could be lunch buddies and go dutch! I'm always looking for new folks to meet! And I do sorta have a job. I'm doing freelance PR work for a health insurance start-up. I just started a few weeks ago. Anywho, email me, identify yourself :) kelly (dot) kane (at) gmail (dot) comXO

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The problem of cancer is one of the biggest problems in contemporary medicine. But in Africa this problem is more actual. Really, its hard to control it there. Here we have a lot of obstacles (tribes, civil war,weak government etc.)


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