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25 April 2011


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Hi Terri,Great post. Whenever I have a friend who gets a tough digaiosns, I tell them about my mom. She lost both breasts to cancer - 11 years apart. After the 2nd surgery, she was given 4, maybe 5 years to live, but the arrival of a new drug changed that. It has now been 18 years since the cancer and she is doing just great, looking forward to turning 83 this fall.Never give up,TheresaStress-FreeParent.blogspot.com

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The thing about this is that the survival rate is allrey high for people with early stage cancer because of the early detection.However, the good thing about being human is that we have free will. As with *any* cancer treatment now, the patients would be informed of the risk. Then, if they are aware that 1% die from it then they can choose whether they want to do that or go a more traditional route of radiation, etc. There's no blame on the researchers for the deaths when the patients choose to take that risk. Another way of looking at it you know that every time you drive in your car there's a certain percentage of a chance you will die but you still choose it and if you did die, you can't expect the car makers to feel responsible for your death when you chose to use the car in the first place.


I see and agree with the justification for rgiulateng antibiotics because they impact public health misuse can lead to drug-resistant germs. I can't see the justification for the FDA rgiulateng other drugs, or food. And when I say can't see I mean there is no Constitutional justification. And, given that the US Constitution is the contract which authorizes the federal government, it's clear that the one side has broken it and has no intention of abiding by it and therefore the entire thing needs to be thrown out.

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Cancer study should really be a focus. It's one of those debilitating diseases that not only affects the patient, but the people around him as well.

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This is good news. Cancer is really a serious issue. It takes away life in a painful way unlike other diseases.

Brad G. Dennis

Cancer threatening the life of thousands of people all over the world.This disease need a attention to be resolve and thank to United Nation they make a move.My friend and i are very conscious about health and country must do so.

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