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28 April 2011


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Hi!! I know you must be going through a alelry hard time and will have trouble throughout his Chemo process. I kow because my Mom had Acute Myloyd(spelling??)Leukemia and had to go through Chemo too. Trust me, it gets easier and easier when it's gets closer to the end of it all. I'll pray for you and I hope all is well at the end of the process! :)


Another part of the problem is the amunot of misinformation concerning diet and type 2 diabetes. At our clinic, we often see type 2 diabetes patients discontinue their insulin and other medications after they switch to a minimally processed, whole foods, plant-based diet. This approach does not require any insulin or other medical treatment, and can be easily implemented anywhere if people are willing to make significant changes in what they eat.

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