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04 April 2011



Mike, unfortunately my OCD nisacsetetes that I understand what I'm doing. My OCD also necessitate that people making decisions for me know what they're doing. It's hard to leave everything up to the Fates. So this drug mentioned in the article Canada, Germany, France and some other countries have OK'ed the payment for it through their socialized insurance. On first glance, its a hefty tag ($32K) to be paying for 40 extra days (most of it likely in pain). I'm curious as to what other drugs/procedures don't get greenlighted because of their cost/effectiveness? Is there some consensus that emerges from the average of all of the countries on socialized medicine? How does that compare with the average from privatized health care companies? Just curious.

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i would like to thank all scientists all over the world for their great frofet to stop diabetes and i think alll the communties have to share in this campagine ,cause one hand can not clap

Gregory Ross

I hope to get the chance to attend the NCD meeting at the United Nations in September 2011. I am sure that there will be lots of important information that I can pass on to my family, friends and people in general.


I work in health care took care of thousands of people too

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I work in health care took care of thousands of pple wit cancer i get fired from my job in may find out i hav cancer in september at age 38

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