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15 April 2011



This is confusing. How come FDA has rmoemecnded the use of Gardasil if it allegedly causes these harmful side effects? I am about to avail of this soon since this offers more extensive protection compared to Cervarix.


Love love love!!! SO PRETTY! I've totally slakced on Fix-it Fridays! Been working on too many other little projects, but slowly checking them off my list!

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Birth Control Causes, Symptoms, Treatment - Behavioral Methods on .... Natural Family Planning (NFP), endorsed by the Couple to Couple League, is one of . Women who use this moethd keep track of their cervical mucus signs, ..Natural family planning is a reliable and healthy choice.. Natural family planning is a reliable and healthy choice. . For religious reasons, my fiance and I want to use natural family planning moethds. . The ovulation or cervical mucus moethd is the most reliable and precise moethd. ..


Fertility Awareness for Birth Control. Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) is a collection of precticas that help a woman know which days of the . Fertility Awareness is a form of Natural Family Planning. . Cervical Mucus Monitoring 95 Basal Body Temperature 95 More Signs ..Natural Family Planning Fact Sheet. Cervical Mucus Method. How effective are natural family planning methods? Advantages of natural family planning. Drawbacks of natural family planning ..Natural Family Planning - The Natural Family Planning Alternative .... Natural Family Planning (NFP) is a scientific method for determining human . The most common methods include sympto-thermal methods; mucus-only methods; ..Natural Family Planning. control methods available today. How do you do natural family planning? . 3. The mucus method. Each day you check the mucus from your vagina .."Natural family planning": effective birth control supported by .... Most pregnancies during trials of natural family planning occur after . The Catholic Church approves the use of natural family planning (NFP) methods. . The Billings or cervical mucus method is quite reliable and effective. ..Cheers.


Hi Stephiedanger! Thanks for saying hello! What a weneekd that was in Boston. We came to know people on the walk by what the back of their shirts said. So I bet I'd know you by your logo or photo or whatever you were displaying. I still get inspired just thinking about it all. Happy walking! Lucy

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On Thursday, the cancer society is expected to announce that Beaumont Health System, Chrysler Group LLC, General Motors Co., Henry Ford Health System and the Oakland County government have agreed to serve as host sites to enroll interested employees, members of their communities and nearby companies to participate in the study. Besides the lives lost to the disease, cancer takes a toll on the bottom lines of businesses, the society said.

American Cancer Society research indicates that the total cost of cancer to U.S. companies is nearly $264 billion a year in health care expenses and lost productivity.

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Everyone is taking a step towards cancer awareness and a collaboration between two trusted industries will surely lead to a better and bigger output. Kudos to everyone who are leading and participating in this effort.

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The American Cancer Society is playing a very good and vital role in promoting good health perspectives. Nice sharing of unique information and good photos too. Thanks and stay in touch.

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