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13 April 2011



Simple diet and appropriate execrise work for more than cancer and heart disease. In my teens I went to a rheumatologist at a famous university hospital for joint pain and conflicting test results (my younger brother was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, but my results were mixed). He diagnosed me with a minor condition of loose connective tissue and told me I would develop the kind of arthritis in my 40s that most people see in their 70s. My joints would wear out, but my life would not be shortened. Aghast, and knowing my mother's sufferings with the same condition, I asked what I could do to prevent the damage. Well, keep your weight down but you can't prevent it, really. Just come back in 20 years when the damage is done and I'll help you. It has been more than 20 years. I'm in better physical shape than I was then. There is some literature now indicating that crippling arthritis with this condition is NOT inevitable. Eating to reduce the inflammatory response, being as active as possible, and using therapy to rehabilitate injuries are critical. I believe we need Care and Maintenance of the Human Body Across Life Stages as a REQUIRED course in high school, with information such as that you have gathered front and center. We could prevent the sufferings of many if we caught them young.


One theory is that Breast cacenr has more survivors than most other cacenrs, so more people to form support groups and to be be activist for the disease. Not a whole lot of lung cacenr survivors. I feel a little left out of the awareness hoopla.


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Dear DanI have been thinking about the show all day, haivng listened on the way to work this morning.I just wanted to say well done for your stance on bringing up your kids and the rampant consumerism that we have all allowed ourselves to be pressured by, it certainly echoed most of my own thoughts. Here in the UK, I think we are every bit as obsessed with looking good/successful as in the USA. I can't tell you how many pretty rough areas I have driven through to see new cars on the driveway. Even on our own new housing development there are people driving porsches whilst living in shoebox sized houses. The reason more people can see what you drive and form an impression of your standing than those that can see where you live.My wife and I drive 11 year old cars racking up 97,000 and 108,000 miles respectively and we are more than happy with them they have AC, give reasonable economy, have good stereos and have cost us almost nothing to maintain. We have young kids too and they trash the cars, so buying new would be insane! So why do we do this when we know that most of our neighbours probably think we are odd for not jumping down the His and hers BMW route that most take? The reason is that we prefer to spend money on our kids, and this includes supporting a mortgage that is insane, just to get a reasonable house with a good garden for the children near a very good school that we can walk the kids to.We probably do buy them too many toys, but I say they are only young once and have turned out to be great kids. On day trips, short holidays or any kind of trip with the kids, we take the view that, if the kids are happy, we are happy. Our back garden is pretty much used by the kids to play in trampoline, climbing frame and is not a shrine to the decking god why have a space that is pretty much useless for small children just so you can show your friends and neighbours how successful you are by haivng a lanscaped garden?You're absolutely dead on the money in your comments about how other parents engage in a lot of peer pressure to persuade you to conform to their view on childcare. The reason why they do this is they know that if you put your kids first, it will only make them feel guilty about how they treat their kids. We know some parents who put their kids in 7am to 6pm childcare 5 days a week and then go on holiday and pretty much do the same there too. And they wonder why they can't understand their kids?!I have a relative who has fallen into this consumerist trap and they pretty much ensure that a combination of after school activities and after school care clubs means that they don't see their kids until they pick them up after 6pm every work day. So they spend a fortune on buying self-help books about bringing up kids, all the while ignoring the basic fact that, if they spent a few more hours actually engaging with their kids instead of working or working at home/doing adult stuff whilst the kids are sat in front of the TV, they might actually understand their kids better.We are spellbound at the development of our 3 and 5 year olds. They drive us insane most of the time, but I would not have them any other way. How much better does it get to see an excited child doing something really cool with you on a one to one level, to have that look on their faces as you play with them or teach them something really cool.I work in a professional services environment and I can't tell you how often I get strange looks when i tell my colleagues that I work to live, not live to work. I have arranged my hours now so that I get in early (but not that early that I don't see my kids) and I leave at 4pm so that we can all eat together as a family and have a little time to do stuff. And if there is a toss up between a client problem and my kids, you know who wins, every time. I work in tax and, after all, it's just tax, not a life threatening illness and I can pretty much manage to deal with almost everything in my hours of work. Yet many of my colleagues with children regularly work 'till gone 7pm, work weekends, take work home and I have always wondered why. I guess it is peer pressure to conform to the work hard model, and that equates to being the last in the office. I say that is insane. I had one colleague tell me the other day that satisfying the client was all that mattered, not his own life outside the office. He needs treatment!There is a growing trend I see here of guys in middle/upper management wanting really large families, and I think this is because haivng a large family whilst holding down a management job is like a badge of honor or trophy the more kids, the more successful you look, notwithstanding you won't be able to fit in the kids around your busy work schedule, or golf/tennis etc.So we have got to a stage now where many kids are mere trophy's to their parents a sign that they have made it . Having kids allows parents of a certain type to exponentially increase their perceived wealth and success private education, expensive pushchairs (yes, even on really run down streets), etc.We need to change, or we are fucked as a society. Even now there is an army of kids about 10+ who simply believe that they have a right to do whatever they want and will react violently if challenged. We have had several cases here in the past year of gangs of kids kicking people to death who simply challenged them over an act of vandalism or minor behavior issues. Most teachers have been similarly threatened. I put a lot of this at the door of the consumerist society that encourages parents to pretty much abandon their kids to the schools for discipline, because they are just not around or can't be bothered. A recent study showed a lot of 5 year olds in schools have not been toilet trained.I have written far too much, so I will stop.Thanks Dan, you're an inspiration to all of usWayne

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You should be senieg some improvement- some people take longer than others to heal. Check your diet to make sure you aren't getting any hidden gluten. Some common things are soy sauce is usually full of wheat, modified food or starch can be wheat. Something else to consider is that you might need vitamins to help your body heal. Maybe a good gluten free multivitamin and an omega complex capsule would help. It is also possible that until you heal, you have lactose intolerance and need to either take a lactaid if you are having dairy or steer clear of it for a while.Those are just some things to look at and discuss with your doctor who I recommend you get back in and see about the continuation of your symptoms.Good luck!!!


Dan Why admit? You make it sound like something to hide, or be amsahed of Granted, everyone who's ever been on head meds has likely struggled with the inevitable social stigma. The feeling of I shouldn't need to use medication to get over this' situation or difficulty. The fear that you're the only one using it, or that you're somehow weak for needing a chemical solution. Which is all crap, of course. When properly prescribed and used, anti-depressants are tremendous tools (including use in non-depression related situations, as you put it). Can they be over-prescribed or used incorrectly? Sure. But I know that my own course of anti-depressants helped me through the single most difficult time in my adult life. One of the things that really helped me was when I learned, inadvertently, that MANY people I know and respect and hang out with were not only taking anti-depressants, but the same medication that I was using.If I'm preaching to the choir, I apologize. But I just hate to see anyone beat themselves up, on any level, for making use of a medication that can be of such benefit in terms of alleviating pain and suffering.Can't wait to listen to this newest Pill. Timmy


Are there Serious Side Effects of Anafranil Medication?I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Severe Depression, Anxiety and Insomnia and was tainkg 400mg Seroquel (nocte), 20mg Lexapro (morning), 30mg Avanza (nocte) and 5mg Valium (PRN). I was recently admitted to a private psychiatric hospital in Sydney due to worsening of my condition, and was immediately taken of all my existing psychological medication which was replaced wwith Anafranil 25mg daily, which was increased over a two week period to 150mgs daily. I constantly reported to my Psychiatrist that I was feeling no better and in fact felt that my conditions were worsening and all he could say was that I had to gie it time for the Anafranil to work and would increase the dosage. In the days that followed, I became increasingly depressed, anxious, irritable, regular suicidal thoughts and aggitated. I ended up signing myself out as I was not happy with the way I was being cared for and stopped the Anafranil. The following week, my condition worsened and I became very agro.


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I'm going through a tough time right now but this rllaey inspires me at 04:17 in the morning on the 12.02.10. Hope to visit this vid one day and make a comment saying I'm feeling 100% and perhaps a similar vid in response. Thank you so much for putting this up. Good work and good luck for the future bro!


Never mind i figured out which one is you man much cepsert to you i read your story its true you have to take care of yourself cause if you dont who else is? no one! so anyhoo I have a kid too which is why i do alot of my training so i can protect her!

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