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07 April 2011


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About 90% to 95% ovarian cysts are begnin, this means that they are not cancerous and were formed due to the normal ovary activity. As mentioned in the video, the minority of cases will have extreme dangerous symptoms. If interested in other useful videos on Ovarian Cysts, visit Symposier site (Physicians only), or share your videos and experience on the topic with our Medical Community.


How's this for a research rporet on Birth control?Katherine McCormick and Birth Control Pioneer, Margaret Sanger teamed up after Katherine’s husband gets diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Katherine did not want to pass in the illness to future children, So that work later led to the invention of the birth control pill in 1906. Around 1918, Condoms became another form of birth control in the United States. By 1921, The U.S Birth Rate drops by half. In the 1960’s the FDA approved that the birth control pill was 100 percent effective but had some terrible side effects. Some of the effects were life treating blood clots. They realized that the dosage was about 10 times too high, which was causing these terrible side effects. By the 2000’s there were many other types and forms of birth control that became effective.There is no “best” method of birth control. Each type of Birth Control has its pros and cons. There is no method of birth control that can completely prevent pregnancy. It can fail, but there is a greater chance to prevent pregnancy while taking birth control. If you use birth control correctly all the time it could be much more effective. The most effective type of birth control would be abstinence.How the birth control pill works is you take it the beginning of each menstrual cycle, when your estrogen levels begin to rise. Estrogen helps thicken your uterus lining. About 14 days into the menstrual cycle one of the ovaries release an egg. This is called ovulation. After that another hormone called progesterone, begins to rise. Birth control pills are a fake form of hormones, and prevent ovulation.The different Birth control methods are: Continuous abstinence, meaning not having any form of sexual intercourse. This method is 100 percent effective. There’s the male condom, which is 98.9 percent effective. Oral contraceptives, also called “the pill”, which is 95 to 99.9 percent effective. The Mini-Pill, that is 92 to 99.9 percent effective. The Female Condom, which is about 79 to 95 percent effective. Depo-Provera, this method women get a injection, or shot of the hormone Progestin in the arm every 3 months. This method is 97 percent effective. Diaphragm, this form of birth control blocks the sperm from entering into the woman’s cervix and reaching the egg. This is 84 to 94 percent effective.Some more forms of birth control are, The Contraceptive Sponge, It’s a barrier method that was approved by the FDA; the Sponge is 84 to 91 percent effective. The Patch (Ortho Evra), It’s a skin patch worn on the lower abdomen, or upper body. It releases hormones into the blood stream; you put on a new patch every three weeks. The patch is 98 to 99 percent effective. The NuvaRing is a ring that let’s out hormones. And is 98 to 99 percent effective. The last form of birth control is Emergency Contraception, which is an emergency form of birth control. This pill is also known as “the morning after pill.” The pills are 75 to 89 percent effective.Some of the disadvantages of birth control method are Amenorrhea (missed period), Irregular bleeding, heavy bleeding, abdominal pain, headaches, nausea, vomiting, blood clots, can contribute to gallstones and rare liver tumors, weight gain, and weight loss. Some of the advantages are it reduces the chance of unintended pregnancy, can be obtained easily, it can improve your menstrual cycle, can protect from forms of cancer, improves bone density, and can protect you from ovarian cysts.It's two pages out of 4. my rough draft.


(blood work) along with mineral, nainttiorul, and organ function testing. I know you have had alot of blood work and urine tests, but soooo many things can be overlooked and fluctuate from day to day.You , and likely driven by what actually has occurred, have developed a great deal of obsession, or a type of health anxiety. Where you are in a hyper-aware state of your feelings and body. In such state you will automatically jump at any new sensation and not only jump but jump to the most deadly conclusion.What you may not realize is that this GERD / Heartburn when backflowing like you report can often be absorbed into your chest walls and many radicular points in your anterior torso. What does that mean? Well the pain in your right could very likely be linked to your heartburn. It is so common for this stomach acid to buildup and seep into the other side in some people and mimic the effects of heart problems. I imagine if it went that direction in you, heart attack would be on your mind. It feels extremely painful. The good news is that at your age, this reflux is likely due to your stress levels, and anxiety. Perhaps some diet changes as well. At any rate it can and WILL resolve. In the mean time don't hesitate to take antacids, if the immediate antacids don't help OTC Prilosec will probably do a great deal of good in less than a week of daily intake.The dizziness, and temperature sensitivity is very likely linked to your anxiety, and general overall stress. No, I'm not saying this is all in your head but I am saying your symptoms are likely exacerbated by your anxiety levels whether you perceive it as anxiety or not. Anxiety can create nearly every symptom in the book. Call it stress, anxiety, whatever you feel comfortable with. Anxiety also compromises the immune system and as a result the lymphatic system. This allows the body to be less efficient in fighting everyday battles of virus, bacteria, and general healing and riddance of free radicals, etc. The build up of these toxins runs you down, and makes you feel even worse.The hard thing is this leads you into a cycle of .. you don't feel well enough to be active, and you need to be active to promote the lymphatic system to clean itself and in turn the body. A hard cycle.Then the mind/emotions take the toll and the less active and more introspective you become the worse your mental health becomes. The resolution, or best help here? Again, exercise and activity. Not just walking around the mall, but jogging, sports, gym, anything that gets your heart rate going for 30mins-hour 3-5 days a week. It is absolutely proven the mind is directly linked to physical activity and your ability to tolerate, handle, and feel a sense of well being is improved with regular exercise/activity and conversely lowered or worsened the longer you remain relatively sedentary. Sedentary is anything from being bed ridden to having an office job, walking to your car, going to fast food for dinner, and walking around in your home to watch tv, sleep, eat, and so on. It is basically when your body doesn't get the opportunity to pump the blood and other fluids at a much needed accelerated rate which keeps things in proper working order. (Not saying your lazy, just saying it is a tough cycle in sickness of any level.)You need to get the health anxiety under control you are spiraling around and can no longer keep a grip on just what is real and what is just a what-if' irrational thought. How do you do this?However you can.. replacing these thoughts with other thoughts everytime they enter your head. Eventually you will win the battle in your mind, if you are diligent. Further if you can see a therapist of ANY kind just to talk and share your thoughts to,.. and have them give you an outside perspective and hence some guidance on your situation it would do wonders for clearing your head up.

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Ovarian Cysts No More Has anyone tried this and it does relaly work? I got the ebook I not sure it yet. 8.26.2011This is from the book..It’s the perfect holistic ovarian cysts solution. Ovarian Cysts can be cured. Ovarian Cysts No More handles all the symptoms of ovarian cysts using a unique relief treatment that works for almost all types of ovarian cysts.They offers 24 email ebook and counseling once you buy the program which is $39.00 8.26.2011 is when I made my purchase. Steps given to cure ovarian cysts permanently, not just alleviate the symptoms, and how to prevent their recurrence. This program was written by a real person who suffered from this condition for years. Reversing ovarian cysts permanently can never be achieved as long as your body is in a state of imbalance. Ovarian cysts are not a problem with your ovaries or reproductive system, no matter what your doctor tells you. It’s taking responsibility for your body and about restoring it to a state of balance where no disease can exist, not only ovarian cysts. The system show you how to rebuild your organs or elimination and supplies dietary supplementation, mental and lifestyle plans aimed at restoring your body back to balance. You will be able to overcome many illnesses and dysfunctions you may have had before the treatment such as constipation and obesity, hormone imbalance and fatigue, but you will also feel younger, healthier and more vibrant. Treating Ovarian Cysts is not a fast process it requires persistence and patience. Results may only come after 6 or ever 8 weeks.By leaning the conditions needed for ovarian cysts environment to exist and how to neutralize these conditions so you ovarian cysts will vanish forever; restoring your body back to balance.Has anyone here tried this book or knew anyone who has.Sounds like a good book it not a great answer.

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All these risk factors are very closely inter-related, and it is, indeed, ironic that many of the hallmarks of development are intrinsically linked to a growing number of Africa’s health problems.


This is the success for African Head of State, we wish best of luck!

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