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01 March 2011


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Em, this resonates with aonyne who has had a cancer diagnosis. Survivors guilt: I battle it daily. Why did my one of my most georgeous, vibrant, ALIVE friends die at age 37 from breast cancer? Leaving 3 children and a reeling family behind. Why did I get a mammogram for no reasons other than paranoia the day after we buried her? To find out I was already stage II?It makes me wonder every day, what prompted those actions and reactions. None of the other girls who knew her went for a mammogram. And gee, none of them seem to have cancer either. So, I have to chalk it up to those fucked up random things in life. The avalanche effect of how I got my ass saved at 38 yrs old. It happens a million times a day, from not getting slammed by a bus or hit by a falling brick in NYC. One little action setting off many chain reactions.We are alive, we are here for a reason, and hell yeah, I intend to make the best of every damn breath I have left just as you are.I'm so glad I met you!jen a.k.aCeasar

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Foundations are a source of discipline and innovation for charities

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