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07 February 2011



Sooo I feel like I'm not being a hater as current prdneiest of the itty bitty titty committee but I feel like I dont think those breasts are natural, just judging from knowledge and admiration of larger breasts-is-sis so that makes the ad even more ironic. But I have an aside, why is breast cancer so marketable and gains so much attention. Can we get the same PR people on things that are actually killing and disabling people at a much higher rate such as Heart and Lung disease and Mental health?!?! What white person died that was able to capitalize on this illness oh yeah Susan G. Komen. Sigh.


I think you are handling this the right way, by hanvig it figured out and not taking no answer for an answer. I just survived Stage 2B Cervical Cancer which had spread into my lymph nodes and soft tissues/tendons and muscles, at age 27. I just wanted to say that while I don't know much about Ovarian cancer, I have many new friends who are Ovarian/Cervical/Uterine/other gyn cancer SURVIVORS if this is what you have, please don't panic. My Medicaid social worker has been so sweet and helpful to me, she told me this When you worry and get upset, you are only releasing the bad hormones into your body that help the cancer to grow. When I get myself worked up, I remind myself of what she said and it helps me to calm down a lot. I hope that you do not have cancer but just know that if you do, there are very advanced treatments and you will survive it with a positive attitude and by taking the best of care of your body before during and after treatments.Also they often use Cisplatin for gynecologic cancers, thats what I had and I did not lose my hair. It did get a little thinner but it was completely unnoticeable, it was evenly thinned. I've been told that Cisplatin does not cause complete hair loss.Radiation is uncomfortable, causes your skin to be sore, pelvic radiation causes stomach pains, I now have acid reflux that I never had before.But if this means no cancer I would do it all over again.Best wishes, I will pray that you won't have to go thru this.

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