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31 January 2011


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Dear Ms Huong,Thank you for commenting.I know fihatrsnd by working for you that you are passionate about what you do and your comment shows your passion and I don't find it rude, just honest and direct and I appreciate that. That is one of the things that I do admire and respect you for.Bringing in Cannes Lion and Young Lions have helped the creative community and I know you brought them in out of your commitment to help grow the industry. I also know that you have committed to The Big Show. As I wrote above in the blog post, I have seen the show become more professional in appearance and the 2010 show was the most professional looking in that regard. However, you also taught me the importance of re-design on a regular basis, to not be stale.I also know that you appreciate an honest answer, you may not agree with it, but you expect people are being true when they comment just as you are.As I wrote, I have attended quite a few of the Big Show events and I noticed that especially this year, less local based agencies participated and some did not even come to the show. To me, that is worrisome. That prompted me to write the blog post. I am not the best writer, but I had to write something as this is something that we share a common passion for. I want, as much as you want, to have a thriving advertising industry. That was my intention with my post. To start a discussion. To see if any of the proposed ideas could gain any traction and prompt a re-design. Yes, you can count on me to help. I can help with what my strengths are, mainly creating concepts/ideas and photography. Please invite me and I will be there. I have never been a big talker and I do not intend to become one. Like you, I want to set time aside and do something for the community. I also want to share with you that we have started Saigon Creative Mornings. Our first event was last week and Dustin Nguyen was our speaker. We have lined up another speaker for next month's event. I really hope you will feel a bit proud to see that we are following in your footstep by bringing in another creative element to Saigon. It is a small start, but we are putting our words into action.


Agreed Karen. We all know we are not very good in managing time seietmmos but can't help. I found I can work much better late at night, reason why usually stay too late and waste lots of daylight time. Sure these tips are good but hard aren't they :)

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