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18 November 2010



would cure me.. I did it! If they told me horse crap would have cured me I would have eaten it! I am not saying cross your other otpoins off her list. Discuss them with her doctor. But don't give up on what medical science has figured out either!I had chemo that killed the fast growing cells in my body thus the hair, mouth stomach lining were all affected. (stomach upset and total body hair loss) They now have drugs to control the upset and the listnessness! Science has made leaps and bounds in this area!I had chemo that basically worked by producing defective offspring, so as the cancer split from 2 to 4 cells it produced defective offspring and so on and so on. Kind of like making it's family tree go straight up! Or, retroactive cell abortion! (which, by the way was the one that finally stopped and cured' my cancer.There are wonderful drugs on the market like Procrit and others that have made chemo so much easier to handle just in the past few years. Good Luck to your Mother. Mom, Keep positive thoughts in your head. BELIEVE you will win the battle! Don't let a day go by that you aren't POSITIVE you will beat it! Find a reason (your daughter) to NOT LET THE CANCER WIN!You can do it! I am a wimp.. my period was the worst thing in my life until . Now I'm strong, I have a new outlook on life! I have a high pain tollerance. I feel I can do anything after all I beat CANCER!~Good Luck! Email me if you need support. I had ovairan cancer, but I've been there. Scared, worried and needed someone who was positive to help.You'll be in my prayers.


i agree this video is heavy. much to happy and idealisind chemo thparey. but on the other hand without the chemo therapie your chances are zero. and that is less than your 3 percent. sorry.


chemo is a killer, look at the facts only 3% are cured, 13% get to 5 yrs but also have recerrunce, they class anyone over 5 yrs is a cancer survivor and is cured, the rest 84% DIE. Nobody has actual die of cancer according to death reports, they die from cancer compilations poisoned by the chemo or liver failure or other organs dissolving. I watched what they did to my father with this poison and I would not take Chemo EVER. Use the Rick Simpson oil. Search run from the cure this vid is crap.


Anti smoking laws suck Im glad I dont have to deal with that shit in South Cackalackey.But yeah can somoene confirm if these things work or not? They might be cool for after I run out of real cigs lol.


why not use the tabacco as a dye? I mean it's a befuitaul color on walls and coats. You're worried about tobacco growers losing stock value? What about people losing their lives because of addiction to the only product in the world that WILL KILL THE CONSUMER WHEN USED CORRECTLY ? Why can't the tabacco farmers concentrate on growing a better vegetable or starting a conglomeration for purer produce instead of contributing to global death? Okay, the soapbox is now clear.


you don't understand aicditdon or e-cigarettes themselves. These things don't have a strong smell, if any smell at all, and some people enjoy the act of smoking and the way nicotine makes them feel. Nicotine itself isn't cancer-causing, and presents a risk similar to that of caffeine, which is the most commonly used and socially accepted drug in the world. These e-cigarettes are one of the greatest inventions of the last century.

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Cancer is an evil disease to watch. It rbebod me of my dad just over a yaer ago and I really hate to see anyone have to say goodbye to someone they love b/c of it.V

Jonathan Ewing

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