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15 October 2010



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When cancer hits home, it gets peoanrsl. And we get activated. It's been 11 years since the yucky came 'round, and just over 1 year since I learned of BCA. Love that you get things done. Congratulations, Karuna, on taking the healm of a very awesome organization.


I hadn't visited the BCA wbsiete in quite awhile, and I was absolutely thrilled to see that you are the new Executive Director. What a wonderful choice. I've been living with Stage 4 breast cancer for over 6 years now, with an original Stage 1 diagnosis over 14 years ago. Knowing that you are at the helm of this organization gave me a much needed pep in my step today. I know you are a person with great integrity and that you will work hard for all of us. Congratulations Karuna!


In 2007 in Hawaii, they found a suspicious cutelsr in my right breat in a duct while in Hawaii they sonogramed every 3 months, not sure if that was good, but when I returend to the mainland, I am on medicaide due to family illness, caregiving for 5 years, the a Bone Marrow diognosis of my own also in 2007. Thus, went to Hawaii for 9 months. When I returend they did a mamogram, then told me medicaid would only pay for 2 a year, Now I was told they would only pay for one. The cludster bothers me. Knowing it is there. I am afraid that they are waiting for it to become Breat Cancer before they will act on this. Do you have any advise.


Welcome and thank you for taking on this task! I write a blog about linvig green on Cape Cod where the utility company intends to spray up to 5 herbicides under the power lines. Traces will end up in our sole-source aquifer and drinking water. I educated myself over the past two years and became an activist. Estrogen-mimics need to become a term everyone understands. Cape Cod has one of the highest rates of breast cancer in the nation, along with Marin County. Please work to bring the President's Cancer Report and the fact that it is being ignored to the media's attention. Have you seen the short video created by Dr. Theo Colborn two months ago about endocrine distruption? We are climbing a mountain here, but it is good to have company. This is so very important. Do you intend to have a blog on the Breast Cancer Web site?


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So no, I'm not sad in the least that the most annoying month of the year has ended

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The advocacy areas of action for COMESAMA are: increase access to quality treatment and screening; increase service coverage and free breast health care; increase human and material resources; and earmark funds for breast cancer, guideline revision, and certification of radiology services


Companies can slap a pink ribbon on any prcdout and watch their sales rise without having to donate anything to any sort of breast cancer research center. I understand the importance of helping to stop breast cancer, but I'm tired of people raising awareness of the topic. The facebook status that went around a while ago really got my goat. You know the one. Girls and women would post I like it on the (insert purse location here to raise awareness for breast cancer. Completely unrelated. What needs to be done is promotion for prevention of the disease. Yes, most cases of breast cancer are preventable by simply living a healthier lifestyle. I think a lot of people just assume that it's a random disease that strikes at random but trust me, it isn't. I work in a nuclear medicine department at one of the largest University Hospitals in the country. I see plenty of cancer patients including those diagnosed with breast cancer and can't help but to think how some of these women have practically given this disease to themselves by living a life full of bad habits. So no, I'm not sad in the least that the most annoying month of the year has ended.


Komen claims its goal is to end braest cancer to find a cureKomen website states having a child reduces braest cancer risk Komen website also states birth control pills raise braest cancer risk up to 30% Komen directors donates millions to Planned Parenthood largest abortion provider supplier of birth control pills in USAAre you sure Komen wants to end braest cancer?Hmmm Komen directors pay themselves big salaries from donations Somebody is getting rich from braest cancer

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so sorry to hear that. but yes i do think three years is a long time. my grandmother died not too long after she was in stage 4 she even had a maotectsmy but it just spread so quickly.

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