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17 August 2010



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NFC on a device like a blbkacerry makes me feel a lot safer than any other smartphone device.Needs more tapperoos with other smartphones.. oh wait, I guess I need an nfc enabled phone too


I think you bring up a good point. I look at my e-cig as an alternative to imnksog while some people really get into the whole vaping culture. Perhaps I will get into the culture and the scene (so to speak). Perhaps I won't.Even though I'm happy with my purchase, I can see myself wanting to experiment with other brands and flavors later on and I'd love to visit something like a Hookah bar for vaping. There's a vaping convention near me and I'm thinking about going this year. I'm happy with what I have, but I may find something that I enjoy more. Or maybe I'll keep my Blu for regular use, but use something else for giggles. *shrug* I still have a lot to learn about vaping. 0Was this answer helpful?

Ultra Berry Blast

I was there to attend it and such have become the need of the hour to root out cancer....

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