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18 August 2010



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When I was about 10 we lived in PA. for a year. While there we went to visit an Uncle that live in Key West. What I remember most about Florida is the smell. YUK! Smelled like Tacoma WA. where all the paper mills are. Key West was cool ogtuhh. As a kid it was fascinating to watch from the back seat as we drove for miles on those long, long bridges . Lot's of memories.


If somebody has a dip of chew a day and shows no signs of wear and tear from it on the gums or teeth can they get mouth cnecar before the wear and tear occurs? Also how long does it normally take for somebody to get the cnecar from the tobacco? I have a friend that has chewed for 3 years now and has no signs of any side effects in his mouth. Does it take 10 years 20? How long before cnecar is a serious possibility? I want very educated answers or from experience. Thank you

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