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15 April 2010



The first paragraph made me cry. So well wtrtien. I got such a glimpse of who your mother was, a strong and beautiful lady. I lost my mom over 6 years ago suddenly after plastic surgery and I miss her. every. single. day. She raised me and my brother as a single mom as well. Have a good walk on Saturday. She is looking down with such pride and admiration.


Heart disease beats braset cancer as the biggest killer. Jun 17, 2011 . All content types News releases Events Publication announcements . Heart disease beats braset cancer as the biggest killer . Breast cancer accounts for almost a third of all cancer cases reported in women. ..


Non small cell lung cacenr | The White Room. Non-small cell lung cacenr is the single biggest killer from cacenr of any . to distinguish it from another rarer type of lung cacenr called small cell, ..Britains Biggest Killer Revealed85 | Drewberry99. Nov 1, 2010 . Types of Health Insurance. Low Cost Health Insurance . Cancer of Trachea, Bronchus and Lung was the 3rd biggest killer of men and the 6th ..


No, I don't agree.Breast cancer aesnerwas and Breast Cancer Awareness Month are not high profile because of celebrity deaths, but for a much simpler reason sheer hard work.Breast cancer aesnerwas campaigns and BC Awareness Month started as a campaign by ordinary women, many of them with cancer, to raise aesnerwas so that people knew the symptoms, examined themselves regularly, attended their routine mammograms etc. Enthusiastic participation and hard work by women made it grow into something nationally, then internationally, recognised (and then big business cashed in). I agree that aesnerwas needs to be raised about other cancers too.and while I **** competitive illness' I can see why there is resentment about an imbalance in aesnerwas raising and fund raising. I too have had family members suffer from other cancers lung, testicular, stomach and cervical cancers and leukaemia, all but one of them dying of their cancers.There are, as you point out, other cancer aesnerwas months, weeks, ribbons etc; but the fact is none has had the sheer hard work put into it that Breast cancer aesnerwas has.Now, I've had Breast cancer and I personally very much dislike BC Awareness Month or Pink October as the more cynical of us call it.Support for those with a deadly disease that kills on average 33 women a day in the UK and 112 a day in the US (the only stats I have, I'm not being ethnocentric) has been turned into a marketing opportunity by big business, with around 1% of the cost of specially made pink stuff going to Breast cancer charities, the rest into the retailers’ pockets.The pink fluffy stuff infuriates me, and I'm not at all tickled pink' by Asda's (Walmart's) trivialisation of an illness that may yet kill me. October magazines carry stories from cheerful survivors who claim to have the all-clear (there is no all-clear with Breast cancer), and often say bc has changed their lives for the better very different from anybody I know who's had Breast cancer. And it has negative consequences for Breast cancer patients too I believe that the whole thing is counter-productive, that the marketing and fund-raising hype surrounding Breast cancer, by trivialising a deadly disease, is leading people to believe, wrongly, that Breast cancer is 1) not very serious, certainly not as serious as many other cancers (many women with Breast cancer have been told by people who don't have it that it's a good' cancer to get) and 2) easily curable.I've even heard it said that it's a ‘fashionable’ or sexy' cancer my **** prosthesis and **** scarred, one-breasted body are evidence that it's no such thing.In all the pink trivia, it's easy for people to lose sight of the fact that Breast cancer is a devastating illness with disfiguring surgery, grueling treatments and so far no cure.I don't wear a pink ribbon and as someone in remission from Breast cancer I support the Think Before You Pink and Pink Stinks! campaigns, both started by women with Breast cancerBUT it does annoy me a little when people complain about the attention Breast cancer receives in comparison to other cancers. The solution is not less attention for Breast cancer, but more attention for other cancers and there is nothing to stop any group of people starting a campaign along the lines of the one started ny those women who started all the Breast cancer aesnerwas. They'd have to be as dedicated and prepared to work as hard though.


go get a mammogram and see what they say, thats the best thing to do. You will get ruetlss in a few days and hen go from there. Don't always assume the worst in it all, look out for you and your health before your career, I understand that careers are very important for life but whats a career if something is wrong? jsut get it checked out see what the dr says. It is rare that dr's will have someone under the age of 30-40 to get a mammogram but if something is wrong or sensed they will request it to be done and go from there.


If it's been there that long I don't think it's cancer. Your age steggsus a different condition. WHEN (not if, because you need to go!!) you go to a doctor she/he will first give you an ultrasound of the Breast tissue. It's quick and easy, it's considered non-invasive testing and cost efficient.It's very possible (based on what you've said here and your rage range) that it is a sac of fluid. I'm so sorry I can't remember the name (It's almost 1am here, so I'll blame it on being really sleepy) If that's the case the doc uses a needle and draws out the fluid. It is somewhat painful, but it's not that bad.Given the length of time you've had the symptoms, you should seriously consider that. If I can find the term of it I'll email you.What I describe is not a cancer, it's a condition that is easily treated and cured.Hang in there!

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This is an excellent web site. The layout makes it easy to navigate, and the contributors are talented and entertaining.

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Many countries especially in 3rd world still haven't establish tobacco free law seriously, this should be a great concern for all of us.

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If only I could get my sister to take this serious and kick her disgusting smoking habit -- don't want her becoming a statistic anytime soon.

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now every one should help the people to join such programs and give support to people so that no more cancer can be found out

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This book must be published in a number of languages so that each and everyone can read this book.


I am glad to know that efforts are being made to root out tobacco related diseases. A lot needs to be done in this direction.


Such books should be distributed free of cost to modern day youth to tell them the side effects of using tobacco.


The launch of such books is a step in the right direction. It will help in demoralizing the youth about using tobacco.


Tobacoo addiction is hollowing our society like a termite. We need to take more concrete steps to check it.


Is there anything on breast cancer info. Online because all I find are websites with .com not websites with .com with .edu, .gov and .org (I already know about medlineplus.gov and teenhealth.org)

genetic cancer testing

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women around the globe. It comes as no surprise then; everybody seems to know at least one woman who has breast cancer or has been challenged by it in the past. It has been estimated about 1 out of every 7 women in North America will be affected by this deadly disease in a 90-year life span.

genetic cancer testing

Even though it has been accepted that only 5 to 10 percent of cancerous cells are inherited, several cases of women suffering from breast cancer have inherited them form there family.


Destroying bad seeds
Scientists have found a microRNA that blocks the development of breast-cancer stem cells

Cancer stem cells are thought to be the 'bad seeds' of cancer. They are the only cells capable of giving rise to new tumours and are resistant to chemotherapy. Destroying cancer stem cells could potentially block cancer development. Erwei Song at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, Judy Lieberman at Harvard Medical School and co-workers1 showed that breast-cancer stem cells could be blocked from self-renewal and differentiation through the interference of let-7 microRNAs.

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