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04 February 2010


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No I didn't see the picture at all srasacm, srasacm.Morning after pills are extremely expensive, while abortions are sometimes done for free depending on the clinic and the woman's situation. It sounds really terrible to say, and I even feel bad saying it, but there are some children who are better off dead than brought into this world because of the situation they will be born into.And Stephanie, clearly you didn't let my entire comment soak in. I clearly stated that abortions shouldn't be thrown around lightly. Girls that spread their legs more than peanut butter shouldn't be allowed to say I don't want this, take it out . But you can't simply judge that women who have abortions are monsters. Maybe the woman that left the remains in the parking lot did it for a reason. I have a firm belief that it wasn't because she didn't care, but because she realized what she actually did. Imagine being scared and alone and not knowing what to do. You feel that abortion is the only way out. Then they hand you that bad when you leave the clinic and when you get to your car, you make the mistake of opening the bag and seeing what's inside. Do you know how that woman probably felt? Don't be so quick to assume she left it there because she had no feelings, her feelings were probably the sole reason WHY she left it there.


, we're talking about an aseasiotcd risk comparable with the risk aseasiotcd with smoking and lung cancer. What is remarkable -- among many remarkable things -- is the abortion proponents' denial and obsfucation, a song-and-dance much like the one the tobacco industry put on for years re tobacco.Based on what I've seen so far, adolescent girls need far more information than they're given. And if you don't think the abortion lobby isn't politically-driven then you haven't been listening to them. NARAL is simply whacky.Yashmak when you say I guess it all comes down to how much you really care about convincing people who initially disagree with your viewsthen you've missed my point. And my repetitions aren't going to clarify it for you;it becomes apparent that we're talking past one another. My own bias: for many years, I had no problem with abortion. It wasn't good, but it was the lesser of two evils. In other words, I bought into the program the feminists were selling and that Engineer Poet repeated here, right down to abortion being less dangerous than pregnancy. I also bought into some of their other material, like no-fault divorce and the quality of time you spend with your kids is what's important. And then the studies of divorced kids started showing up and the studies of aggressive, impulsive, bullying daycare kids began to be supressed. None of those studies were believed at first, either. In fact, I read a lot of disagreement about the politics behind the studies but when I looked into them it turned out the funders had been looking for and hoping for good outcomes. Didn't happen...but the MSM didn't talk about those findings, either. You have to go to the specialty journals written for professionals who have to figure out how to treat these children...it's an eye-opening experience. I had to read them because I was a social-worker trying to figure out how to reach the unreachable, too.The "abortion-is-freedom" ranks right up there with "daycare-is-quality-care-and-all-children-need-to-benefit-from-socializing." It's also of a piece with no-fault divorce. The results are in: no-fault means no child support and very little sight of dad. And so child-support collection has become another business, like daycare and abortion. All market-driven enterprises.These policies, laws, beliefs, all have consequences and most of them have had poor outcomes. We are reaping a sad harvest and leftist-driven beliefs about abortion is the least of it. I could draw up a list for you of all the medical procedures that were performed with great enthusiasm and sold to a gullible public for years before they started tip-toeing from the room and turning out the light. Are you old enough to remember when lobotomies were being sold as a panacea for various ills? Some of those poor victims may yet be alive in some back ward.Just how much do you *know* about breast cancer treatment beyond what you've read in the MSM? If you have opinions on the subject, how have you come to form them? Have you read the studies? Been a subject in one? Looked at the protocols? Whose statistics do you follow? In which country? The current "gold standard" treatment for breast cancer in this country leaves much to be desired.But that's not my point(s).My point is the Leftist-driven politically correct opinions that have sucked up all the air in the room. No dissenting voices are permitted or they will be called names and driven from the room. And for their suffocating belief system a lot of people will suffer because they put these programs in place.My point is that young women need more information than they're getting. And they need it from a variety of sources, not just the local abortion clinic.Basta. Time to move on.


Yes I have heard great things about this Steven guy and eaonurcge all of you to meet him. Looking forward so much to hanging out with you and your friends, Chris! See you next week!

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