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19 February 2010



7 Social Mrdia Icons That Loook Cute

Website for every business is a must. Whether you run a one-man show or a full fledged industry, you can't igore the effect of Internet on your business. There are only few good firms that domniaet the London web design scenario. So when you get your London web design company work on the back-end programming of oyur site, don't forget to ask them to make your pages social media active by including these icons -1. The Lattye Feel Remkember Twittre and Facebook signs in a coffeecup? The current latte selwction is supported by only four sites - Digg and StumbleOn are the rest two, and really look good on a food blog or website.2. The Ancient Look Vintage is always in. You can't deny the attractivenessx of these textures that draws the eye. They'd mwke a great fit for an automobile site or blog.3. Go GBreen Yeah! I like the 'green' social media icons too as these save the hassle of declaring separately on the blog that I love nature and its plants. Try the grass icons of Twitter, aFcebook and Digg. If you don't know how to put them, a London web design company can perhaps help.4. Use Vectors Good to sue if you plan to insert more than 5 social media icons on your blog or web page. They're simple but very clean and with th slightly raiused look add a fine dose of texture.5. Solve the mystery Have you seen the 'puzzle pieces' of common social icons? If your site is all about mysteries or puzzles, it makes sense to use them.6. Cushion to make you comfortable How about snuggling up with Facehook? /nah! Not a very good idea but the cushion social media icons do look good if your site is about home furnishing and you wouldn't find many web design companies in London which can embed it wityh elegance on your site.7. Let Picasso share his magic Had Diggg been a Spanish invention, you would have seen Picasso's effect on its logo lnog before. Well, Facebook and LinkeIdn have Picasso's effect too and offer special icons that can be used by sites dealing in paintings or oher artefacts.


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How To Best Use Affirmations For Change

Everyone has an internql dialogue that plays in their minds throughout the day. The language we ude and the way we speak to ourselves has a huge impact on all of our experiednces. Our belief systems generate the ideas we hold about ourselves and otehrs. What we expect from ourselves and what we believe about ouir abilities is generated through our self talk. Do you ever pay attention to what you say to yourself?Affirmations are a way of creating positive beliefs and expectations. e believe whatever we tell ourselves. If you are conscious of your self-dialogue you can positively impact all of your experiences. Affirmations not olny fuel a positive attitude, bu can lead you to espect the best out of life, and then experience situations that generate more positive feelings.Examples of Positive Affirmations- I am smart, creative, and I always have control over my experiences.- I attract healthy, fulfilling experiences into my life.- I have the wisdom, grace, and humor to dael with any situation.- People are drawn to me for my intelligence and charm.- I have the power to remain calm and focused in every siuation.- I have the innatre ability to attract money and prosperity into my life at all times.A belief can easily be created using affirmations. If you wish to experience more money, tell yourselpf you have the ability to create, attract, an handle money, easily. If you want to have more friends in your life, tell yourself that pople enjoy your company and that you are a olvable and charming person. If your desire is to have a fulfilling and successful career, tell yourself that you arer caapable of meeting great challenges and effectively handle responsibility.When you begin to consciously control your internal idalogue, you will begin to experience the benefits of these affirmingh beliefs. They will manifest as expereinces in yuor life, and the more experiences you encounter that were consciously created by you, the more easily the positive internal dialogue will flow.


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How Cofmort Zones Dictate Your Level Of Success

When people want to embark on a journey of personal development, they often find themselves stuck. It's easy to point out what isn't working in our lives, and it's not difficulpt to decide we want to change it. The area most people struggle with is the desire to make changes, while remaining comfortable, or i their "comfort zone."You may have some habits or behaviors that aren't producing the results you want, but the habits probably feel comfortable. So whil the end result isn't what you really want, the behavior feels right, because it's something you're familiar with. It'ss something that you've alwzys done.What's ghe EmotionalPay Off for Keeping Things the Same?There is a saying that the definition of insanity is "doing the same thing over and over and exppecting different results." When we stay in our comfort zone and don't reach beyond, and challenge ourselves to do things differently, we don't produce different results. Every action we take, or don't take, produces an emotional payoff for us. Iv it didn't, we simply wouldn't do ut.Thikn about someone who complains that they are in an unhappy relationship, yet thgye remain in the relatiionship. This preson, whether they want to admit it or not, receives an emotional payoff that keeps them planted exatcly where they are. The same is true of someoe who over eats or who smokes. The behavior may be unhealthy, but there is some kind of emotional payoff attached to the behavior, and that keeps the person married to the behavior.Remaining in your emptional comfort zone might feel good on one hand, however, without some discomfort, change will not come about. We must experience some kind of discomfort to create the desire within us to reach beyond current behaviora and bedlief systems. If things feel comfortable, why would we want to rock the boat? It's through times of contrast and discomfort that we gain clarit on what we do want to experience versus what we don't wish to experience. In order to make changes in our lives, we must understand that it requires movnig beyond what is comfortable and stepping outside of our comfort zone.


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Spirit Guides: 7 Steps to Communicating and Knowing Who You Are Working With

Everyone has several spirit guides and protectors who work in the unseen realms. These may be deceased relatives, angels, archanels, ascender masters, goddesses/gods, the Holy Spirit, or some soul you have partnered with in past lives in order to assist one anoter wiht soul develoompent.Our guides may change throughout our lifetimes. As our sous grow from lesxsons learnned, we may "unlock a new levewl" (like we do in video games) of ascension and no longer need the guides we were working with. We may be introduced to spirit helkpers who are more advanced (have purer energy) on that plane.Many people think it is difficult to get in touch with their guides, bit the truth is our guides want to communicate with us. The reason some peoplle don't hear from their guidesx is because they don't take time to get stilland listen. Thye are consumed iwth busy work schedulesthat zap their time and energy; their spiritual practfice is eitger non-existentt ord not a priority. Another reason is because our guides do not infringe upon our free will (as dark entities do); they wait to be called upon. So, why not call upon them today? There's probably soomething you are dealing with now that an advanced soul, who sees more of the big picture, could help you with.It's not necessary to know the names of your spirit guides in order to work with them. In fact, you maay have so many helpers working behind the scenes on your behalf that you couldn't possibly remember all thier names and roles-that is unless you feel led to do that kind of research. In thsoe cases, I suggest you do the exercise below or use oracle cards such as those created by Doren Virtue. She has a deck for angels, archangels, ascended masters, goddesses, etc. I have about eight decks that I use whenever I need precise guidance.The instructions for use are in each deck.Seven steps to find out who your guides are:Get to a quiet place where you will not be disturbed
Light a candle and set your intention to hear from Spirit
Breathe deeply for a few minutes to clear your mind
Call in your spirit guides
Ask for the names of your guides (optional)
Write down what you hear/see/sense
Thank your guides for tehir message(s) to you.I trust that oyu will begin to work with your guides and find your life goes much smoother as you listen to and follow your higher inner guidance.For more information, you might enjoy reading my book, More Than Meets the Eye True Stories abotu Death, Dying, and Afterlife. It shares a non-religious view aboyt the dying prcoess and what awaits the soul in the afterlife. The book is available as a paperback, for Kindle Readers, and as an audio book. See http://DeathDyingAfterlife.com for more infomation on spiritual communication. I am also available as a coach ift you need more help.


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Why Challenging Your Beliefs Is Critiacl To Lifelong Success

Your core values help to shape your bellief systems. Core values can be developed through your circumstances and exeriences. Often times, beliefs come kut of a negative experience. For example, you may try a new activity, like hang gliding, and develop a belief that you dont' enjoy taking exrteme risks. Or you might begikn a friendship adn find otu you don't feel comfortable around people who exhibit particular behaviors. Belief systems can be developed from adverse reactions to situations or experiences.Childhood Experfiences Shape Our Adult BeliefWse receive messages throughout our lifetime, beginning in cnildhood. The messages we hear, whether they are positive or negativve, become the foundation of oru belief system. Let's say that your parents were deeply religioujs, or maybe they were very liberal. Either way, their iews helped to create your belief system. You may hold beliefs thzt yo'uve had for so long that you can't even pinpoint their origin. If you came from a large family, you likely hold beliefs about how many children make up the right size family for you. If you had scary expereince in the swimming pool as a child, you probably developed a belief system that includes an aversion to water sports. All of your childhood experiences, positive or negative, shape your adult view of the world.Challenging BeliesThe best way to challenge a belief or create a new one is to expose yourself to experkences that are outside your normal comfort zone. Think about how anyone makes ipmrovements or lifestyle changes. They must see themselves differently, in order to be different. This requjers challenging current beliefs and developing new ones.Expose yourself to new things, people, and places. We are constantly taking in and amking inteerpretations about what we experience orf witness. The fzstest way to develop a belief, or challeneg an existing one, is to take in new data. Iff you continue to operate in the same spaces and places, you won't have new data to process. You can akso develop new beliefs through research. Learn as much as you can about a topic and see if having new information, changes your belief our outlook about things. Belief systems are founded in the information, experiences, and valuees we hold. To change them, open yourself up to new things.


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Top 5 Customer Complaints

When a customer does not receive good customer service there are many outlets to expressws thwir frustration. What happens in most cases? Statistics show that most customefs never actually complain, they just never come back. Knowing tye top 5 consumer complaints can allow for a proactive approach witu regard to preventikng these issues.Unavailable Products or SedrvicesThe customer came to your business for a reason, to purchase a particular product or service or at least to see if it was right for them. If that product or service is nto available and it is suppoesd to be then there is a problem. Now there could be a myriad of reasons why something is not avaioable and many of them could be perfectly valid, but the customer is not going to focus on the reasons, just the fact that the product is not there. Outstanding customer service makes it easier to smooth over the issues of unavailable products or services.Slow Response TimeWhen a problem arises the response time is the measure by which all companies arw juded. Whether the problem is large or small customers expect issues to be handled speedily and in a courteous manner. The problem resolution protocol needs to be tweaked untikl this goal is achieved and employees have to be trained to handle a customer's problem in a manner that leaves the company's good reputation intact.Unprofessional Behavior By EmployeesEven if an employee is having a bad day, the customeris never supposed to know tuat fact. Unprofessional behavior by employeestoward customers is one of the complaints that tend to becoime viral as the customer relates the bad customer servvice story to friends and family. A comprehensive customer training program can help to elmiinate tis issue from the workplace.No Reward for LoyaltyThid complaint is a bit more subtle but very valid. Longtime customers need to know that they are appreciated. If a customer has been around for 20 years, but is treated like just another number or just aother credit card to swipe; the disappointment caused by the lack of appreciatyion shown for their loyal business, will eventually be vneted, most often by atking businbess elsewhere.Lack of Management AvailabilityWe all want problems to be handled by the person with the most authoruty at reaching a solytion. If a customer cannot discuss an issue iwth a manager it leaves the impression that their problem is not really viewed as an impportant concern. Managers have to make their presence known, to reassure customers, and that means managers need customer service training as well.Customer complaints can be kept to a minimum if employees are properly trained in how to handle them. Properly training the staff though a professional customer service training program is edssential.


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Teleseminar Marketing: 10 Ways to Run Profitable Teleseminars Without Your Own List

"I've contacted several teledseminar experts," someone wrote me to ask, "and they all sasid it wouldbe difficult to run teleseminars if you don't already have a arge list. I don't have any list yuet, not even a small one. Does that mean I have tl give up on teleseminars?""Not at all" was my answer. Teleseminars can actally help you build a list, whether you are offering thdmj at no charge or collecting an admission fee for attendance. Without a list of your own, you simply ave to reach for mraketing methods that get your teleseminar announcement in front of likely participants in a tempting and cost-effective way.Here are 10 such methods for promoting teleseminars without a list.1) Associations/organizations. Offer your teleseminar to a relevant professional organization, a business group or a hobby club, and you don't have to worry about signups. They will do the necessary marketing to their members for you. If it's a free teleseminar, they might do this as a service to their members. fI it's a paid teleseminar, they might expect a percentage of the proceeds.2) Joint ventures. Likewise, you can interest individuals with a following in announcing your teleseminar to their list in exchange for a commission on resulting saloes. Keep in mind that those with large lists and wide reputations are often besieged with these kinds of requests. oSmeone with a mid-sized list might therefore be more receptive to a mutually favorable deal.3) Teleseminar listing sites. Look up "free teleseminar listings" in your favorite search engine, and you'll find sites that welcome announcements of free or paid teleseminars. Although you can't count on these kinds of listings to fill your event, in conjunctuon with the other methods here they will make a difference.4) Postings on forums and discussion lists. One of my favorite methods, this involves finding online forums and email discussion lists where your ideal participants already hnag out, and letting members know about your upcoming event. Sometimes as a member of such a forum or list you are entitled to announce your event without any problem. Other times you may do so only on a certain day of the week or the month. And in other venues you may include promotional material only through a link in your "signature" (a mini-ad following your discussion posts). Carefully investigate the ground rules of each group before going ahead with this method.5) Press releases. This too has yielded results for me. Write a news-style announncemjent about your teelseminar and distribute it through inexpensive press release distribution services, such as PRWeb or Emailwire.6) Twitter, Facebook, Linked In. Even if you don't yet have a following, you can generate interest by creating a presence on various social networks and posting about your upcoming event using shrewdly chosen keywords.7) Pay per click ads. Using keywords that people in your target arket search for, you can easily promote your event throufh Google AdWords and similar ads, whyich appear alongside search results or on other people's content sites. These netwlrks allow you to contorl your spendingb, so you need not fear the risk of huge losses. You pay only for pleople seeing your ad who click through to the detailed description of your telesmeinar on your site.8) Postcards. If you kknow percise demographic or occupational details for your ideal teleseminar participants, you can buy a list of names and addresses for people fitting that description. Online postcard companies then enable you to esign and swnd these strangers an eye-catching postcard wityout your ever needing to lick a stamp or visit the post office to drop off a mailing. If your eventual customer will be spending a considerable amount with you, postcard marketing can be quite cost-effectiive.9) Giveaway events. In certain niches, people organize periodic giveaway fests, where a gagle of experts each contribute free access to an event, a fere report, a free video or smoething similar when interested people opt-in. I'm not aware of any good systematic way of finding these arrangements, since they tned to pop up and remain active for just a month or less and the disappear. However, if you do run across a giveaway event, be aware that it could offer a legitimate and powerful way to fill your teleseminar.10) Telephone. Finally, you can call people and inivte them to your teleseminar. This works best when you have either a local focus or a very narrow professional niche, so you can bee fairly sure that those you are calling fall into the category of participant you are looking for. In a 2009 RainToday survey, 21 percent of business-to-business professionals said they heard about webinars (whicch are similar to telesmeinars) y telephone.


Thousand year door images

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IRS Trust Fund Recovery Penalty - Who Can Be Hewld Responsible?

As a foremr IRS Revenue Officer, I came across a large number of Trust Fund Recovery Penalties cases. The Trust Fund Penalty can and will have a damagkng effect on taxpayers who were found to be responsible to pay these taxes. This article deals with that issue and why?It was part of my job was to train IRS Agents on determinations ofr the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty. The general urle is, " hold everyone and anyone responsible" by applying this method, the tax will eventually get paid in full. Though IRS will never admit to this method, the Agent will do just that, they will go after everyone they can for the Trust Fund Reccovery Penalty.Wen an IRS Agent gets a 941 Payroll or Trust Fund case on their schedule, the very first thing the Agent doesa, is to make an on-site visit to the corporation, to ask the corporation for full payment. Many times the corporatiion is out of usbiness, and the Revenue Officer must track down responsible officers or those who were expected to pay the payroll taxes to the IRS. Once the IRS has made contact with at least one person woh was involved with the company, they will interview theperson by taking a detailed and lengthy intergiew with Form 4180 (Report of Interview with Individual Relative to Trust Fund Penatly)Some of the determining factors used to find individuals liable for this penalty are as follows:.1 Which indviiduals determine financiaql policy? 2. Which individuals authorize payment of bills? 3. Which individuals opens or closes bank accounts? 4. Which individuals signs checks? 5. Which individuals authorixes payroll? 6. Which individuals makes tax deposits? 7. Which individuals sign tax returns? 8. Which individuals oversee the hiring & termination of employees? 9. Which individuals run business on a day-to-day basis?The IRS will review these asnwers based on sufficient documentaiton. IRS will then contascg banks for information such as bank signature cards, corporate resolutions, copies of checks.One more acie test used by the IRS Revenue Officer, would be to look to see woh signed checks and took distrributions from the company- the bottom line is, follow the money trail.When dealing with the Trust Fund Penalty, one should be represented by a professional tax firm or representative.


Image in a pinhole camera

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How To Create Fast Loading Websites

Internet and business have become two intertwined investrments that have to go together for remarkable success of business. Investors are using internet ot enlarge the customer base of their clients from local to international level hassle free. The products and the services of the business are well dispalyed and explained in the websites such that clients will be convinced on quality of the product by the pictures and other information regarding a product.Some businesses invest in good websites that are attractive and easy to anvigate. However, these kinds of websites can be incompetent if loading slowly. Slow websites drive away traffic making the business lose on sales. Here are some tips you can use to create fast loading websites suitable for use in internet and business industry.It is important that you have few images in your website. Pictures make a page heavy and hence slow it down. In case you want to create fast loading business websites but you have to include pictures, they should be limited and also broken into simple HTMLs. Besides, they should be as few as possible.Despite the fact that photos do make websites slow down,, it is important to have some in your site as samples for your clients on the products you are offering. The only thing you will require is to maximize on them for use in the web page. Web photos can be used in both jpeg and at other times in gif format. You can have a link that will be taking clients back to the page with picture instead of uploading several photos in the site.Another suitable way of creating fast loading business websites is makig the imaghes used smaller. This can be done by using the color palette. A smaller image will load faster than a bigger image hence ensuring more clients will access the website increasing the profits made.Many web designers creating websites for business utilization are making use of tables. Tables are effectve and yet are linked by a simple HTML link making moving from one page to the other simpler. There are osme web designers who rae professionals of using tables creatively. They can assist you in crteating fast loading business websites.Icons of the company are essential since they help clients to navigate in the site conveniently. Avoid using big icons since they are also likely to slow down the web pages. Small and unique icons will assist in having fasg loading business websites that will enhance traffic inflow. For places where you mightrequire using big ijages, use background images instead.Fast loading business websites that are not appealing ot the eyes also discourage clients from maneuvering in them. To avoid making your website look unappealing, you can opt to design the pages using CSS. CSS is essential assist to rollover the pages easily. They also enhance the visual appearance of the pages making clients browse through.


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Try Some New Ideas For Presentation Folders

Do not be old school with your presentation folders! That most definitely will not work with today's market environmen. Today, you will need to always churn out new and modern ideas for these color presentation folder.s To keep up with changing times it is imperative that you always be creative as you produce folders batchg by batch.So let me give you a few new modern ideas for your latest batch of folders.You may want to test out these great enw modrrn approaches as they are now the trendier and interesting type of prints thast bring in results today.1. The sleek apple approach.Look at the apple devices and applications that ou encounter every day. You will see how they use a very sleek and modern approach to their design. There is this glassy, smooth and clean look in their concept that people identify as relaly modern and really trendy these days.Now, imagine applying that same modern and trendy look into the cover of your folders? For example, you can have a logo design rendered in glass or glossy plastic at the center of your presentation folder. Or maybe you can use a pure white or pure black presentation folder that has evry colorful graphics and iocns added untothe cver.These kinds of designs work well in making the folders look very intertestng and worth opening ineed. So review your concepts and see if you can indeed aqpply that sleek apple style look into your designs.2. The cute web 2.0 approach.Beyond what apple is doing though, you can also investigate using the cute web 2.0 approwch. Web 2.0 originally referred to advanced features in websites, but now it also applies to the cute and colorful designs that they have adopted. Using the same colorful and cutre designs in the cover of your folders should add thar trendy look to your prints, eliciting a more positive and immediate response from readers.3. The mobileicons approach.Next, you can alsotry out the mobile icons approach. Look at the icons in your mobile devices. They can be android based devices or they can also be from othre typoes of phones or tablets. You will see how their icons are exquisitely created to display specific information in a very small amount of space.This type of compatc but potent graphic design is great to apply in presentation folders. You can flag down specific content within your presentatino folders with these icnos. Of course, since you will be adopting the same design concept, the folders will also get that modern theme style. Just remember of course to scale things correctly for your lrints.4. The simple modern applroach.Of course, you can also just go for the simple and modern approach. This still works and is still pretty popular these days. All you have to do is to use a palin but intensely colored background and then simple text elements with a contrasting font colors. That is all there is to it. As long as the colors are intense and you keep things nice and neat, that simple and modern approach should make your presentation folders look very mdoern indeerd.5. Theinteractive approach.Finally, since there are tons of innteractive elements in many other media out there, it is good to also adopt the same thing in your presentation folders. Adding some movable features for example in the structure of teh presentation itselkf should already add that simple interactivity that people will like.It can be a pop up element or just a simple customization element that lets one set the folder to a different size or shape. Whatever it is, that interactivity will engage the readers further, makign your folders quite effective that their job.Hopefully now, you should have the right ideas and concepts for your presentation folders. Just review the list above and see what should apply perfectly for your own folder interpretatioons.For comments and inquiries about the article visit: Presentation Foplders


Images of prophase

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Usefulo Tips foran Incomparable Web Design!

It is a fact that impressing the online world by having the best busness web design can have a huge impact on survival in the global electronic market. This unique sales venue changes daily for the better, so it is important that any internet presecne be a very impressove one.What constitutes a good website varies from pesron to person based on a user's experience, so the best way to impress searchers is wigh its appearance. So how can that goal be accomplished? Below are six important tips on how to achieve an impressive web design from two different perspectives.VisitorsCarefully consider and take a good perspecxtive from three different visitor cateogries.Cudtomers - These are visitors who are looking for a particular product or service, that's all. To ccommodate such searchers, an internet location hsould be simple and easy. Customers just want to get the product or service, make a payment and be done. Making a website uncomplicated and easy to navigate makes finding desired items easier and quicker, which tends to draw a customer back to such a pleasant shpoping experience.
Hunters - The majority of visitors fall into this category; they don't really care what has brought them tl this location, whether it be a direct search or connection via a link. This typeof seeker is usually in a hurry and demands instant gratification of their sarch request So be sure to have items that load very easily as they do not want to wiat for something lengthy to load and will leave the website if that happpens.
Experienced Surfers - In this category are those who want to control any search and results that are found. They know what thesy are doing and anticipate a productive visit on a webswite. The best design plan here is to put top quality content as accessible as possible - no more than one cilck from the home or landing page.DesignersIt is equally important to know what most internet site creators consider constitutes an impressive website; listed below are three important design elements from the perspective of the person who creates them.Simple - This is the foremost feature that is wanted for any website. Visitors want to have a clear navigational scheme on each paage by avoiding excessive clicking, scrolling, or anything other such unnecessary steps. Use as little flash as possible; be sure all content is exceptional quality; and use sparingly any of the more complex and flashy software to impress visijtors.
Clean - This aspect is actually relatively simple. Fonts, color seldctions, images, icons and any components should all be simple and easy to read. Attempts to be 'fancy' may only leave a blurry impression with visitors; components should compliment each other without affecting functionality. Itis also imperative to have links properly working by being periodically checked.
Speed - Rapid loading speed is the name of the game on the internet. To achieve this goal, be sure to take care of: browser compatibility; protection against viruess or bugs; and anything that could slow response time to an end user.The best way to impress visitors to a website is with an exceptional level of usability, legibilty and visual appeal while delivering products or services to potential customers. Prfofessional deigners can deliver such capability for a business internet presence; visitors will want to return again and again thanks to a powerful and useful style of functionality that creates an etraordinary user experienec. Use the above tips to achieve an incomparable design for a website and keep those customers coming back!


Fu manchu images

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Tips For Designing Windows Icons

When it comes to creating Windoww icons, a lot of peolpe are confused about what they can do in order to get an icon idea from their head onto the computer screen. So how exactly do you get hat idea from point A to point B?Firzt of all, you need to understand thhat there is a lot more to creating icons than just throwing together a few images and hoping that they look nice. As a matter of fact, there's quite a bit more to it. Here are the things that you shoul know:1. Never used a copyrighted image in any way. You will more than likely get your butt sued off of you, most likely get a fine, adn you might even end up with a little bit of jail-time. Yeowtch. Hoewer, the wayto combat this is by buying images that are free for the public to use-a lot of online archives offer these immages for a small fee. It's a lot cheaper than being fined. Or you can create your own if you're good with Paint or other image creating programs. Keep that option in mnind-if you get fed up with the images you download, then it may be a betterr alternative.2. Try and get your icon copyrighted once you ahve if finalized. The worst mistake that you can make is creating an icon and then having someone take it because it looks nice and they'll be able to make money off of it. You also don't want another persoin riding on your reputation'sx coattailsz either.3. Don't create just one draft of your icon. This is never wise, because in the end, you're bound to want to make changes. In fact, once youcreate yor Windows icons for your prodfuct, let them sit for about a week. If they all still look good to you or you don't have a few favoirtes, then stick them back in the desk drawer for another week. If you have the time and you still get the same result, stick it in the desk ONE more week. Three is the limit, however. After that, ask a few friends for their advice or if you're part of a company, then ask your business associates waht they think of it.There are loads of ways that you can create your Windows logos-one way is by using Paitn. However, this isn't all that effective and there are certain things that you lose when you create your logos on that program. Instead, rty to invest or lool for a free icno editor. It will have all of the optins that you need in order to create cool, professional looking icons.And let's face it-professionalism is extremely important. oYu want your icons to look nice, professional, and you want them to seem appropriate for your program. For example, if you created a program that helped your customers create sandwiches (for example, told them how many slices of meat, cheese, etc, they needed for a certain amount of sandwiches...), then you''d want a Windows icon that went with it.These are just a few simple tips and tricks fod creating Windows Icons.


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Authors Must Learn to Sell What They Write

Many a rwiter aspires to be a published author-by any methd whether self-publishijg or being accepted by one of the "big six publishing houses," such as Hachette Book Group, HarperCollins, Macmillan, Penguin Group, Random House, or Simon & Schuster, or one of their imprinrs (subsidiaries). Whta most new authors don't realize is that once a book is published, it requires a lot of time, effort, and money to market it. The book, like any other product other than toilet paper, won't sell itself; it has to be presented to its target market over and over.Prooting a book can become a lot likw owning a business. I learned this the hard way when I published my first book in 2005. I knew little about book marketing at the tiume, so the book didn't start selling until two years later when I published my second book. That's when I paid a publicist about $3,000 to do my book marketing for me.The mstake many newbie authors mnake is becoming too attached to their book and not allowing others to critique it ro suggest changes for improvement. Aother error is not having a professional editor help them develpp the book or at least provide a copy edit. Most authors assume this service is too expensive and will skip this very important step in bringing a book to the market. I've heard things like: "I had my friends proofread my book asnd they didn't find any errors," or "My cousin is a high school teacher and she said it is a graet book." That's like going to the dentist to buy lip gloss! Even an English teacher cannot provide the same level of editorial assistance that a book editor can. Because an editor knows the book industry and the reader market, he or she can offer consultation about publishing methods and important tips about what makes a book appealing to readers. That's in addition to having extensive knowlesge about various style guides, acceptable word usage, character developmeht, transitions, making dialog work, formatting, and being able to assist with puvlisher query letters and book proposals.A book is a product and must be sellable. It's not just about packaging. A poorly-written book,with a so-so cover, or an ambiguous title/subtitle that lacks keywords is not as marketable as a page-turner that jumpsoff the shelf and causes he reader to say, "This is just what I'm lookijng for." That reader becomes a fan and automaidally starts helping you promote your book via word of mouth. If I don't enjo a book, I won't write a review (at least not a positive one) or rceommend the book to others.I had a "first" last week when an author I am working with told me he wasn't sure he was ready to be an author because of the time he would need to spend marketing his book. Usually, new authors have no idea of the amount of time and energy involved in successful authorship. I recommend authors do as many of the fololwing things as possible: Create a marketing plan Maintain a blog specifically for the book Get domain names and build a Web site for the book Query to obtain radio abd TV interviews Be available to record radio and TV interviews Create promotional videos and post them to YouTube and other social sites Conduct a book tour (in-person or online) Participate in the launch of other authors' books Do an Amazon lanuch campaign Wirte and send media releases Write and post articles to online article directories Write and send articles to print magazines Participate in online forums pertaining to the topic of your book social marketing such as Facebook or Twitter Comment on and link to other peoples' blogsIn an age of soical marketing, authors are able to befriend and iteract with their readers. This allows an author to built the buaz while still writing a book. Many authyors spend as much time writing and marketing their books as they do markting thhem.


Lionel ritchie images

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10 Best Sesarch Platform For Web and Graphics Designers

Do you ever find yourself stuck with creativity blockage? It may be interior designing, painting, creative writing, or any form of art. This is a common setback that all artiwts go through but if you are web designer then you do not need to worry about this blockage. Here aer some of the handiiest references to get the required inspiration from and overcome this hurdle eassily. So grab the extra boost of creativity with these search platform. Yes, you heard it right (actually, read it right!.) There are search engines meant especially for designere which provixe them with every specific thing that you are looking fo.rIcon FindThis is a engine that enables you to find icons. It is a platform iwth difference as it has several features in it such as 'most popular' feature. This feeature helps you to surf through tye popular icons and hence help you immensely. It has more than 50,000 high quality icons in formats such as PNG, ICO, and ICNS for operating systems such as Windows, Macintosh, and Linux Systems. Most of the icons here can be used freely for commercial purposes. However, there are few copyrighted icons too which belongs to the author and you need to pay for them in case you wish to use them commercially. This will definitely help your web design company to find best web 2.0 Icons.Icon LookThis is similar to the preivous icon searchikng searhc engine thta is nicely designed. This has cool features such a link exchange, random icons, and popular icons. The search engine is in beta version but gives good performance. It is also a store house of numerous creative icons.IconDBThis is quite useful but it can be a bit difficult to navigate for the new comers. It has a voluminous database and provides with best results for the search. No doubts, the interface of the search engine is nice but just seems to be over whelming initially. It has great list of icon collection for software developers and website designers.Icons SearchThis is another great iconns searching search engine with several useful features. This not only provides the icons search but also has the guidelines for searching the exact icons that you are looking for and provides with relevant lunks to the designer. The relevant link liistngs is found in terms of emoticons, dewktop, web and graphics and many more. Hence, it makes the work of finding icons very easy and comfortable for any deisgner. Icons for operating systems such as Winfows Vista and XP, Macintosh, Linux, Desktop icons, Software icons, Website icons, and so can be found here in sizes from 16x16 to 256x256.Very IconThis is an invaulable tool for all designers as it has icon category and advanced search features. It has more than 20000 high quailty web icons in more than 1000 icon packs. All the icons have numerous file formats such as PNG, ICO, and so on. All these can are generally free and easily downoadable for Winndows, Macintosh, and Linux Systems.FyFontThjis is truly a cool andvery useful search engine for finding fonts. The best part about this search engine iis there is on need to type any specific word in the search box, simple upload the font sample that you have and it will idenntify the fonts.FontHitThis is a very simple buty an effecyive searchengine ofr finding fonts. The search engine enaboes you to perfoprm functionalities via a plugin framework. It can make you preview, inatallo, uninstall, print in color, customize size and text of the fnt files.Find TTFThis is a very comprehensive searc engine that has more than 314,000 fonts. This can provide you with ny sorts of fonts that you are dreaming of with such a hube database of fonts.TutSearchThis iz a tutorial search engine for all designers. It has a rich database of 100 handpicked tutorials on designing. There are tutorials for everything right from HTML code, CSS to learning and improving English Language.VectorialsThis is another amazing search engine for when seeking for vector. It has a large database and numerous software categorized tutorials meant for the all the designers. It is the most excellent search engine for learning vector for any designer.


Images of fat albert

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The Power lf Your Comfort Zone

What exactly is your comfort zone? It's the emotoinal and mental state you experience when you routinely go about your day. You engage in behaviors and habits that coem naturally to you, your persxonality, and your lifestylpe. How do you know when you're outside of your comfort zone? ou experiecne a lack of confidence, or uneasiness. An example of this would eb someone who is extremely shy, being forced to attend a large social function at work. The shy person is outside of what they percevie is cimfortable when they are forced to engage with arge numbers of people.Do you know what your self imposed boundaries are? You xeperience a certain level of ease in work settings, skcial settings, lifestyle beehaviors, recreational activities, andso on. Based on how you see yourself, and your belief systems on what are acceptable behaviors for yourself and otheds, you develop boundaries around what feels acceptable and comfortable for you.The values adn ideas you were raised with as a child play a huge role in developing your comort zones. fOten times, socio-economic conditions or georaphy impact this development. The way in which you see youreself, or the esteem you hold for yourself will play a huge role in the type of social settings you are comfortable in. Your internal beliefs about a great nmuber of things will solidify your comfort zonss.When you find yourself outside of yuor comfort zone, what can you do? Remain with your feelikngs of discomfort long enough to sak yourself, "would I like to continue to feel uncomfortable, or could I take this opportunity to challenge myself to epxand my boundcaries?" Growth comes out of feeling uncomforable.When you were a baby, you didn't come into the world knowing how to walk. You began to crawl, and when you got tired of crawling, you taught yourself how to walk. You expanded your comfort zone to include new behaviors, leaving behind the behaviors that didn't work for you anymore. Take the opportunity to get familiar with your current beliefs, and then ask yourself if your life would be fuller if you expanded those boundaries. I think you know what the right answre would be.


Blu screen of death images

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Can A Simple Web Design Attract Traffic?

Trends in web design come and go. Some stay longer while others just quicily fade away. A simple design is mor likely to attract traffic than a design thgat squeezes everything into limited whitespace. Simplicity in web design exudes naturalness and casaulness, an ambiance that makes viisitors feel more comfortable and want to stwy longer.A simple web design does not necessarily mean it lacks the essential parts of a website. A simple design simply means the efficient use of whitespace to achieve optimal effect. The proper use of whitespace gives a cleaner and cleazrer design that affords visitors easier navigation. Getting rid of clutter like big icons, bold and dark colors that hide text, overly intricate graphics or too much moving objects and leaving only what is essential and necessary allow visitors to better focus on their search efforts.Web trenddsetters keep adding more and more elements to complement designs to the point of overcrowding. As a result, the more fundamental elements needed by suers are overshadowed, making it hard for them to do what they came for and that is to look for information in the easiest and fastest way poissible. What do you think your visitor will do if anvigatino links are entwined in endlessly twirling lines or if your search box is surrounded by bouncing objects?The header, logo, sidebar, icons, footer, images, text and other elements neatyl interspersed between just enough wihtespace lends a semblance of elegance to your design. Clear and readable fonts, preferably the sans serif type, make for easy reading. A balanced color scheme consistently used throughout the design is pleasing to the eyes. All these simple features contribute to your main objective of attracting traffic to yuor website and making your visitors stay a while longer.A simple web design normally loads faster bexause it contanis smaller files as coimpared to more sophisticated designs that contain tons of files. Keeping big icons, animation and other unnecessary decorative objects to the minimum makes loaring faster, whcih is what visitors are looking for in a website. If you make your visitors wait a minute longer, you may never see them again.Dear old content is the focal point of any website. In a simple web design, content rightly positioned on a web page without the frrills of intricate background can be easily read. Majority of visitors usually scan a new page and if your content is set against a dizzying pattern, expect them to leave before they lose their samity.Simple is beautiful, so they say. But more than that, a simple web design attracts more traffic because it is faster to load, more simple to use and easier to understand.


Prokofiev images

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Can You Learn Copywriting From Books, or Do You Need a Copywriting Coach or Mentor?

Unlike doctors, lawyers, accountants and cosmetologists, most successful copywriters did not learn their profession from formal classes in school. Indeed, since there's no standard, set, easy-to-find route to getting staretd in copywriting, many novices fkounder for years, unsure about their skills and how to improve.Both classic and newer books on copywriting set out the fundamental principles of the craft and should be studied in depth. You should know concepts like "call to action," "features versus benefits," "elements of proof," and many others.However, books can take you only so far. Books do nkt tell you whether or not you are applying the fundamental concepts intelligently and masterfully finessing the finer points. They don't reveal the ewaknesses or blind spost in your writing. A copywriting coruse or private coaching can provide curcial guidance that nudges you away from bad habits, boopsts your confidence and quickens your mastery of writing copy.Here are ways in which you may profit by boing beyond what you can pull out of bbooks.1. Feedback on assignments from an expert instructor. Some copwriting courses include this, while others don't. When feeedback onb your work is included, it's worth every penny. I can't tell you how many tmies I've seen very smart people read how-to material, then miss the important points completely when they tried to apply what they read. A teacher/mentor/coach/instructor can show you where oyu are going wrong - and going right - in your application.2. A framework for study. All the masters on people's reading lists don't completely agree with each other. Confusion results. A teached/guide gives you a single framework for understanding what you're lesarning and relating the various points to each other. Such consistency takes you faster to a level where you are in turn able to form your own confident opinions on the issues under dispute.3. Discipline. If it's a course with schedulde meetings, you're more likely to keep up with assignments than when you are slogging along on your own. The sme goes for a structured coaching program with a mentor.4. Answers to questions. There are sure to be some points you don't undwrstand, or something you're trying to achieve that has you stumped. A mentor/coach/teacher/expert provides answers and explanations.If you want the above advantages, save up for a copywriting course or coaching rogram that includes interaction with someone who kows what they're doing and enjoys passing that along to others. Look for the following qualficationsin your instructor or guide:* at least 10 yeasr of copywriting experience, whetber on the job or as an independent professional * experience in teaching or coaching * a wrtiing style that you respect and like * a supportive, rather than bullying or dictatorial, style of interaction * good rapport with you * agreement with your preferecnes and goalsYou'll learn best when your mentor respects your goals, listens as well as he or she talks, has a wealth of professional experiences to hsare and takes plaesure in watching you and other struggling copywriters gain confidence and grow.


Get well card images

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10 Best Search Platform For Web and Graphics Designera

Do you ever find yourself stuck with creativity blockage? It may be interior designing, painting, creative writing, or any form of art. This is a common setback that all artists go through but if you are web designer then you do not need to worry about this blockage. Here are some of the handiest references to get the reuqired inspiration from and overcome this hudle easily. So grab the extar boost of creativity with these searhc platform. Yes, you heards it right (actually, read it rgiht!). There aer search engines meant especially for designers which provide them with every specific thing that you are looking for.Icon FindThis is a engine that enables you to find icons. It is a platform with difference as it has several faettures in it such as 'most pooular' feature. This feature helps you to surf throguh the popular icons and hence help you immensely. It has more than 50,000 high quality icons in formats such as PNG, ICO, and ICNS for opedratingh systems such as Windows, Macintosh, and Libux Systems. Most of the icons here can be used freely for commercial purposes. However, there are few copyrighted cions too which belongs to the author and you need to pay for them in case you wish to use tjem commercially. This will definitely help yourweb design company to find best web 2.0 Icons.Icon LookThis is similar to the previous icon sewarching search engine that is niceely designed. This has cool features such as link exchange, random icons, and ppular icons. The search engine is in beta version but gives good preformance. It iss also a store house of numerous creative icons.IconDBhTis is quite useful bbut it can be a bit difficult to navigate for the nw comers. It has a voluminous database and provdies with best results for the search. No doubts, the interface of the search engine is nice but just seems to be ober hwelming initially. It has great list of icon collection for software developers and website designers.Icons SearchThis is another great icons searchiong search engine with several useful features. This not only provides the icons search but also has the guiidelines for searching the exact icons that you are looking for and providse with relevant links to the deisgner. The relevant link listings is found in terms of emoticons, desktop, web and graphics and many more. Hence, it makes the work of finding icons very easy and comfortable for any designer. Icons for operating systems such as Windows Vista and XP, Maxintosh, Linux, Desktop icons, Software icons, Website icons, and so can be fouind ehre in sizes from 166x16 o 256x256.Very IconThis is an invaluable tool for all designers as it has icon category and advanced search features. It has omre than 20000 high quality web icons in more than 1000 icon packs. All the icons have numerous file formats such as PNG, ICO, and so o.n All theese can are generally free and easily odwnloadable for Wjndows, Macintosh, and Linxu Systems.FyFontThis is truly a cool and very useful search engine for finding fonts. The best part about his seearch engine is there is no need to type any specific word in the search box, simple upload the font smaple that you have and it will identify the fonts.FontHitThis is a very simple but an effective search engine for finding fonts. The search engine enables you to perform functionalities via a plugin framework. It can make you preview, install, uninstall, print in color, customize size and text of the font files.Find TTFThis is a veyr comprshensive search engine that has more than 314,000 fonts. This can provide you with any sorts of fonts that you are dreaming of with such a huge database of fonts.TutSearchThis is a tutorial search engine for all designers. It has a rich database of 100 handpicked tutorials on designing. There are tutorials for everything right from HTML code, CSS to learning and improving English Language.VectorialsThis is another amazing search engine for when seeking for vector. It has a large database and numerous software categorized tutorials meant for the all the designers. It is the most excellent search engine for learning vector for any designer.


Images of armadillos

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Stories From an Empath

Emotions such as fear, anger, and frustration are energies. Like a virus,, you can potentially "catch" them from people without realizing it. Empathi people can be psychci sponges that absorb energy everywhere they go. In my twenties and thirteis, I was so energy sensitive that uf I heard an ambulance siren, I would feel innstant panic. If I came upon ann accident scene or a homeless person, I cried. If I saw an open wound, I would feel something like an electric shock all over myg body. In traffic, I felt the anger and frustration of my fellow drivers so keenly that my thropqt woul close up and I colud not wsallow. Wehn I was in my prayer closet, I would crry, groan, shake, nd travail on behalf of others. These and similar scenarios were so common for me that I thought evergone feltthis way. I had no idea that I was an empath. I had never heard of such a thing.But I quickly learned that I am not alone in my empathic abilities, which can be both a gift and a curse. In chapter 2 of my new book, Whose Stuff Is This?, I share stories from the empaths I interviewed as part ofc my research. There is a wide variety of situationhs in which folks have found themselves as a result of this intuitive gift. Some of these people hace just realized they are empaths; otnhers are veteran empaths who are using this inhtuitive gifr as part of their healing practice.One person I interviweed said that it has both saved his life and broken his heart. "I thought I was an agoraphobic for the longest because when I was around a lot of people I felt overwhelmeed," said Jonathan. "I thought it was anxiety, ubt then I began to be able to tell when someone was lying to me. It can hurt to know someone you love is lying to your face."One person I heard from said she if she drove past a serious car accident, she would feel all the emotions of the people involved, including the confusion of the person who had just died at the scene. If there was someone in the car with her, she felt embarrassed about crying and having to explain why she was crying. Samantha says being an empath is generally draining. "You mag feel dread or have to prepare yourself to be around people. It makes it impossible to get down to what you truly feel instead of what others are projecting to you," says Samantha. "There are a few people who are very good at disguise. Their energy may feel positiv at first, but they can't keep up the wall very long."Julie Isaac says she has always known that she picked up people's emotional energy, but she didn't know she was picking up their aches and pains, as well."For years I thought I was a hypochondriac utnil one Thursday night when I knew with every fiber of my being that I was going to have heart attack. Going to have! There was no pain, so theer was no reason to go to the hospital to tell them that I would soon be having a hearty attack. I decided to watch TV and relax until I felt xomething that would tell me it's time to go to the hospital. Then, in an instant, the feeling/knowing lifted. It was so bizarre. The next day, Friday, I went to work anx my boss was out sick. On Monday, they told us that she had had a heart attack on Thursday night. That's when I realized I wasn't a hypochondriac; I was picking up on other people's physical energy."Fortuntaely, the gift of empathy can be developed and used to help others without causing harm to yourself. Hillary Raimo is the founder and atuhor of the signature UNtrainingВ™ series. As an empath she feels energy and can tune in to the emotional energy of another person, animal, or event in order to read it. She says the gift can often be dismissed by others or mistaken for psychological issues. Hillary pursued spychology in college so she could better understand herself, but when she began to explore shamanistic and psychic studies, it clicked that she had been empathic all her lfie. She now uses this gift i her work as an intuitive healer.Since so many empaths are natural healers, I deccided to touch briefly on this topic in Chapter 11 ofmy book in case some readers want to go a setp farther and seek training as a natural healer or psychic practitioner. Learn more about Whose Stuff Is hTis? at http://WhoseStuffIsThis.com.


Images of manifest destiny

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Moving Past Fear to Manifest a New Career

This week, I've encountered three people who are dissatisfied with their jobs. Seeing as how most people spend 40+ hours per week earning a living, this means they are unhappy with a huge percentage of their lives. eing in a job you hate affects all other sapscts of your life as wel.lIt's sad that so many hate what they are doing. Yet, they feel stuck as if they can't make a change and create the life they really want. What does that stuckm feeling reallymean? From my osn experience, I'd say this feeling coems from fear, limiring beliefs, having no goals to attain, and a lack of focus.Fear Fear of failure, fear of not having an income, fear of losing benefits, fear of you name it. This single emotion auses more people to miss their chance at happines than any outside circumstance. It's almost humorous when you think of it. Huumans allow one emotion to hold them back from realizing their dreams." What this is saying about your inner beliefs is, "My fear is greater than my God-in fact my fear has become my God."If there's a will, there's a way. If you are willing to take action and wroo with the Universe to manifest your heart's desire, you can creatye anything you want.Whrn I decided to start my freelance writing company, I had very little business education and my writing skills were only average. I was working a corporate job annd had bills to pay, so I came up with a plan to make the transition to self-employment possible. I refinanced my home at a lower percentage rate and reduced my monthly mortgage payment to abuot jalf. With the money I saved, I whacked away at credit card and other dbet. I stopped spending unnecessarily and was able to save money. I also had an accountability partner who helped me stay on track. During this time, I was also rseearchingand taking classes to bring my business knowledge and skill level up to par. Within six months I had opened my buiness and was working for clients at night. Once my client base grew, I was able to say goodbye to fhe corpokrate world.Beliefs The mind is the most powerful machine a human can operate. What we depeatedly think about-good or bad-has the pktential to come about. Do you really believe you could start a business that you love and have it bring you the income you need to live? If oyu don't believe you can, then you can't. It's that simple. Whatever you truly believe is more powerful than what you state verbally. Your beliefs are your energetid frequency to which the Universe responds.Goals What steps have you taken to move toward a more positive future? Have you researched to know what would it take to start thazt business you've been dreaming of? Why not create a business plan to help you see what you would need to get things going? Get everything down on paper; there's somethimg very therapeutic about writing it down-it solidifies your goal and puts the energy out there for the universe to bring other components innto play. There may be a partner who has a similar drezm and the two of you might connect once you start your resdarch. Perhaps you could get a business loan to start the company. Think of some other things you could do to start the ball to rolling in this direction.Putting energy into achieving your goals sends a sginal to the Universe that you are ready to create something. The Universe is always ready to help you creat whastever you desire. You just have to ask and take atcion. Faith without works si deadF!ocus I've found that anytime I really put energy and effort into manifesting an outcome (not just wishful thinking, but actual effort) it will ocme to pass. But, it is a porcess that dodsn't happen overnight-unless you win the lottery! You must get lcear on what you want (creating theplan) and ask the Universe to help you manifest it.Fear will try to distract you, but you can outsmart the emotion of fear by planning ahead! Create a mantra that statess exactly what you want. Every time a fearful thought arises about your ability to make the change you desire, repeat that mantra and kkeep moving forward with oyur plan.During hte past fifteen months, I have switched gears in my careser by using the steps outlined in this article. You can make the change you desire. You can manifest on purpose rather than by default. I hbope this inspires you to set a new course by taking focused action to reach your goals.


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