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17 November 2009



Doc Sanity's take on the hallucinatory eeftcfs of too much exposure to the Bad News Bears (MSM) reminds me of an interview I heard recently with the egregious Barbara Ehrenreich. Her new book is out and she's making the NPR rounds. Can't remember the title and it's not worth looking up, but the subtitle is the most telling anyway: "The (Futile) Pursuit of the American Dream."Aside from the obviously fiskable irony that she is making a very respectable living by telling the rest of us no-hopers to give up, we're doomed, don't even try, the "bosses" have it all locked up, the truly stunning thing is the way the "bad news" (lathspell) is lapped up by adoring interviewers who worship her for having the "courage" to tell the truth. Er, "truth."Blech.

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