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18 November 2009



I woke up and noticed both of my back knees are swleoln is this caused by running to fast? I do not feel pain or discomfort when I bend. I typically run 5 miles 5X a week and my pace varies from 7 to 9 minute pace. Do you think the swelling will go away with rest? or do you think I may have Baker cyst? or something else?


My husband was dgeonisad in Feb with an adenocarcinoma in his esophagus that has spread to the liver and I have not given up hope. He has the HER2 protein also.Also I do give him a very good diet. We saw a doctor for a second opinion today and he compared it to if you took some bricks and threw them off the Empire state building and one of them floated. And I said, Glenn is that floating brick and he said, yes. He is doing very well.I also believe in God ..but I have been following an anti angiogenic diet for Glenn from Servan Scrieber's book.. Anti Cancer .Right now his cancer is stable and if in November it is still stable then I will probably ask for him to have radiation treatment for one of the tumors in his liver. Many oncologists pooh pooh diet. Diet has done very well for Glenn .but the doctors are uninterested in finding out why he is doing so well We also use curcumin which works well with oxaliplatinGlenn is at Sloan Kettering and we got a second opinion today from Fox Chase.I also once had an experience where I understood how encompassing God's love is it helps a little for me I also take prozac and see a therapist once a week because this is tough.It could be that your Emmett's cancer will not respond to diet but I would try it My philosophy is that if it can't hurt and it might help then I will use it and I read scientific articles to back up anything I use with Glenn. The tests are done in petri dishes or on animals but some of the foods are things that people have been eating for thousands of years In any case eventually we all die ..and it is just closer for us..and we can not deny it and it is very very painful.


marty i know your question has been here over a month. i have a brain aeyurnsm or a bulge in my tire as the sports doc put it. i had coils and a stent put in 2 years ago this month i ran atlanta marathon last year and doing country music in nashville this spring.your condition is different than mine follow your dr advice i did hope to run my marathon this spring under 2:55 at 50 years old not bad for a man with a blown out tire!!!!


I have been dealing with plntaar faciitis for several months now and have tried several different remedies. I wear ankle braces at night to keep my feet flexed, I stretch my feet several times a day, especially before getting out of bed, I ice them at night, I soak with epsom salt water, and sometimes with tea tree oil, and I take the maximum dosage of anti-inflammatories every day. I also bought a good pair of orthotics for my shoes and wear them all the time. I am a runner and was running up to 5 miles per day until the pain in my heels got so bad I had to reduce to 2 miles every other day. I try to alternate running days with work on the elliptical to maintain my cardio endurance, but it just isn't the same as running. I would like to get back up to the 5 miles I was running and build up to even more, as I would like to do a half marathon in the near future, but I can't see that happening until I can resolve this issue with my feet. Any suggestions you have to alleviate this problem would be greatly appreciated!


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my boxers have ittlle red hearts all over them, but they seem to stay pretty quiet most of the time no murmuring in my pantsReferences : i just grew out of pull-ups at age 16 =D

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