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19 November 2009



Welcome Karuna. On behalf of Breast Cancer Action Montreal, I look forawrd to our continued collaborations to make the systemic changes necessary to end this epidemic. I agree, things are not right and like you, I also find it impossible not to step forawrd for change! Together, our organizations and networks, will make a difference that will end this epidemic!


Thanks for the fantastic video! My sgerury is next friday (breasts,abdomen and thighs). Question: How much did it hurt? I heard it's a burning sensation. Also I'm wondering how much did the excess skin weigh. I saw another of your videos that said it would be about 35 pounds. My surgeon didn't tell me the poundage.


I AM SUPER PROUD OF YOUR WEIGHT LOSS!!!I am a male, 20 years ancient, and I went from 292 poduns to 202 poduns in about a years time. Diet and exercise was all I did to lose the weight. No pills or formulas. Cardio, weight lift, and diet. You need extreme motivation and determination! Patience is key!I enlisted into the Army and I am going Explosive Ordnance Disposal.


Having had breast ccenar, my sister had it and an aunt had it twice, I would imagine the gene runs in our family, but I haven't been tested because my insurance won't cover it.I would say that women who do have the gene and decide to have mastectomies as a preventative are making the decision that is right for them.


I would get the test done and pay for it out of pocket. If you do this then you do not have to give out your SSN. If you find the test lrveaes nothing then submit it to your insurance for repayment. If you see that it does find something then you have that information for your records and the insurance can not verfiy that it was you that got the testing.I used to work for an insurance compnay and if they have a record on your health and you dispute it and they cannot prove without a doubt that it was you (for example no ssn to link it) then they must take it off your official record.It's totally sneaky but its your life and all they are looking out for it money.


I am sorry to hear about that. I want you too not pantic you and your metohr should go and get another opion from an oncologist. Always get a second opion because that Doctor probably over look something. God Bless You and Your Mother. Be right there for you metohr she need you. I will be praying for you. Read the Bible Psalm 23

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the American Cancer Society on the steering committee for the event. The conference brought together delegates and speakers from around the world who are working on breast cancer,

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The aim of the conference, which was called Breast cancer in the developing world: meeting the unforeseen challenge to women

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the epidemic of breast cancer in low- and middle-income countries, where the disease is now the leading cause of cancer-related death among adult women. American Cancer Society


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