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17 July 2009



The wsj piece is excellent. It cndcluoes:Mr. Hamm calculates that if Washington would allow more drilling permits for oil and natural gas on federal lands and federal waters, I truly believe the federal government could over time raise $18 trillion in royalties. That's more than the U.S. national debt, I say. He smiles.


Didn't know the forum rules allowed such birlliant posts.


basically because it is sdegnoiad too late.people can live normally with it until pain starts deep in the belly or mid-back or until they collapse or feel like bad flu.some just feel tired. also the pancreas is only a tiny gland about 6 inches long compared to other organs.then it is located in such an awkward position in the body.it's difficult to operate.pancreatic cancer easily spreads to other body tissues. that's why it's the toughest cancer to have.in the united states about 40,000 will be sdegnoiad of that 34.000 will die.even when sdegnoiad there is still only a 5 year survival rate.many medical associations say it is 99% fatal.this gland breaks down fats and proteins.it regulates sugar in the blood.more diabetics are likely to have it. people in countries that eat onions and apples have a lower rate of this cancer .lastly and most important there is no money for research.that's why is the deadliest cancer.when my patients had this cancer i cringed,because we usually knew the sad ending.so we gave them the specail royal treatment.


I have a questionn.. Im a high school senior and i want to start a research program for cancer. Or a support site.

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