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12 June 2009



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Was on Velcade for approx. one year. Tolerated ok epcext for constipation. Stopped after yr., was told it was no longer working. Next put on Thalidomid which I could not tolerate (had also tried Doxil which caused very bad side effects). Now told there is no other drug to treat my condition. Anyone with similar experience please write. I am a 78-yr-old female.UN:F [1.8.7_1070](from 0 votes)GD Star Ratingloading...


Congrats on your ranking and on your votulneering for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. We've got to stick together. Talk about rare cancers! I got stuck with one - t-pll (t-cell prolymphocytic leukemia) a relative of lymphoma. Only 100-140 cases per year. The joke - 15,000 people a year get B-cell leukemia so the pharm industry got busy developing a treatment for them, Campath (alemtuzumab) that turned out to be a life-saver for folks like me. Original prognosis 7.5 months, now 7 years out! I just started my own blog - BeingCancer.net. Check it out please. Thanks and good luck


before, I've been bleeding for a year now. What exctaly is the difference? At least under UH I would have the knowledge that I'll be seen by somebody at some point. Right now I don't even have that. Friday it was so bad I was actually to the point of going to the Emergency Room, but the specter of bankruptcy and possibly losing my house and leaving my son homeless was a bit off-putting. Something has to be done, and done soon. European style UH is not perfect, I'll agree with you there. But this notion that it's either that or continue the system we have here is absolute bullshit. Why is it that with all this innovation we claim to have we can't figure out a way to have a healthcare system that doesn't leave folk walking around untreated because they have eczema?


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Dear Texas Medical Board:Please allow the use of genetic thpeerias for cancer treatment in curing cancer. One of my friends had such a treatment and he was cured and in remission because of such thpeerias in Michigan. Abnormal blood chemistry brought to light the fact that he was desperately ill. Through use of his own body tissues and the application of gene therapy he was brought back from certain death. I have included his own testimony for his own story. WHY DID CANCER ATTACK ME? Why me and not somebody else? How could I get that sick and still survive? Who was watching over me? These are all fair questions to ask when thinking back, and the fact that I get to look back is the actual miracle. But before those questions are answered, I have to look at the details.My actual appointment with the local oncology doctors came after my initial three primary care physician visits. I just didn’t feel right. They made an appointment for me in the oncology department five days later and I continued to deteriorate, not knowing for sure what the real diagnosis was going to be. However, I did know that I was getting worse. In brief, here is what happened.My original appointment was changed because the doctor that I was to see had a family emergency. You would think that the appointment would have been delayed, but instead it was expedited by two days. They were going to make more appointments for the following week after seeing the doctor. While at the doctor’s office, they took a blood test. The results were horrible. Just prior to the nurse going home that evening, my blood test came over the fax machine and she just happened to look at it. It was so bad that immediate attention was required. The doctor was notified, and it was more than they could handle locally. The call was made to the BIG doctor in the BIG city 90 miles away. Why did this very, very busy man answer his cell phone on the first ring? I was now on my way to the big city, and in fact, the doctor called me to verify that, and to let me know that they are waiting for me. This couldn’t be good. I must really be in bad shape.Here come more questions. Why am I now the sickest person in the oncology intensive care unit with 16 beds, with other people dying around me, but I am still surviving? Why is the lady cleaning my blood in this special machine praying for me? Of what little I can remember, because I was in a comatose state most of the time, do I remember her? Why did the lady who cleaned my intensive care room, the “housekeeper”, pray for me and begin a relationship with my wife? Why did she show up at my door every time we needed something extra, including finding my room for me upon my release from intensive care to the cancer floor? After all, she was only a housekeeper. I called her an angel; she was there EVERYTIME, at my door at the most opportune time to make sure we had everything we needed. Why did I get chosen to be in the rehab study program and break the records for the previous two years? Remember, I was the sickest person in the intensive care unit. They called me superman. It is probably time to tell you that had the nurse not seen my blood test before going home that night, I would have died in my sleep. I am sure that God must have orchestrated the change in my doctor’s appointment.Later, during my recovery, the tests revealed that I had a mutated gene. This meant that they could put the cancer in remission, but they could not stop it. The only recourse was to have a stem cell transplant, which would take over my immune system and eliminate the mutated gene. I really needed a perfect match for my transplant to work. One of my brothers, who was eleven months older than me, died of cancer five years prior to this. Unfortunately, they were not able to find a matching stem cell donor for him. Certainly, I had figured it was my time also. However, it just so happens that I have a fraternal twin. (Had he been an identical twin, he would have had the same mutated gene, and therefore, not been a usable donor.) The doctors said that my brother’s match to me for the stem cell transplant was as perfect as you can get. Why was my recovery so fast? Why did I go back to work so much quicker than expected? And certainly, before most people recover. Why did I get re-vaccinated months ahead of schedule? Was it to give my testimony? Is it to help somebody else? Frankly, I don’t know. But this I do know, if you look for God, you will find him.I CAN'T PROMISE YOU A MIRACLE, BUT I CAN PROMISE YOU THAT GOD IS ALIVE AND PRESENT AND DOING HIS WORK AMONG THE PEOPLE. I can promise you that God is working in this church. You can ask the people of this church who were on their knees praying for me, waiting for God to deliver. They will say He did. Will He do that for you? I don’t have that answer, but I know who I put my trust in.What a friend we have in Jesus. What a friend we have in prayer. What a friend we have in difficult times. What a friend we have to share with. Let’s share together.


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There will be a public coousltatinn on the merger (now called an aquisition) of TGH with manchester royal infirmary. Unfortunately this will probably take place AFTER all the acute services (accident and emergency, general surgery and medicine) have moved. You will no longer be able to have an emergency operation or a planned operation at Trafford. Not only does this mean as patients you will need to travel to Manchester but your relatives will have to brave rush hour traffic to visit you (oh yes, there is no direct bus route either) As a surgical patient you can be investigated at Trafford, meet, get to know and plan your operation with your consultant, go to the MRI and be operated on by your consultant and then, be looked after by a group of doctors you've never met (as your consultant will be back at Trafford). So that's great continuity of care isn't it?If you have a medical problem, you too will be shipped off to manchester as there are plans only for a few overnight beds for patients well enough to go home the next day. But don't worry, if you need an orthopaedic operation then you can have that at Trafford. But if you do, please don't get a complication as there will be no physician or surgeon on site. But I'm sure that will be fine you can be popped in an ambulance and taken to the mother ship (MRI) to get the correct and appropriate treatment, and if it was a false alarm you can be ferried back to Trafford Hurray!Also you need to remember to become unwell between the hours of 7am and 9pm because that's when the A+E will be open and the ambulances will be waiting to transfer you to the MRI where I'm sure there will be a bed available on your arrival (remember when there was a fire at trafford and all ambulances were diverted for 24 hours and the surrounding A+E departments ground to a halt with sheer numbers ?). Let's hope whoever is staffing the new walk in centre can diagnose you as it doesn't look like it will be staffed by A+E doctors (still under discussion I say discussion, there's been none, more a dictatorship). So off you will go, by ambulance to MRI, its a good job there's a bus stop outside the unit for your relatives to jump on the bus, get off at St Peters square and grab another bus to the MRI not to worry, you'll probably still be queuing outside on a trolly so they won't have missed anything.I'm sure it will also please the residents of trafford to know that when Fred the weatherman opened the state of the art Intensive Care Unit (ICU) which was built at vast expense, it was known at that point it was shutting (high dependency beds only), perhaps he should have been booked for a closing down party as well (Let's hope none of you orthopaedic patients need ventilating).so the public coousltatinn will take place you will be well informed (NOT), your views will be taken into consideration (NOT) and all will be happy (especially staff who still have jobs). Let's hope the coousltatinn is as informative as a)the one we had prior to our maternity closing b) as informative as the coousltatinns that took place before Burnley and Rochdale Hospitals shut (residents knew nothing)So to the 200,000 residents of Trafford its exciting times ahead with the new and improved development of services at Trafford General the Birthplace of the NHS.Mmmmm now I have to say I have spoken as a Trafford resident, not as a member of staff As a member of staff I do not wish to express my views on the merger .PS I wonder what a new house will go for on the land that was Trafford General (prime land will get the MRI out of a significant amount of their debt)

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