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03 April 2009



i do chew once in a while but now i have been doing it more recently 2-3 times a week. I know at this rate i will bcoeme addicted soon. Would it be safe if i did it like once or twice a month or is that risky too?


She is wrong, wrong, wrong. I worked as a Registered Nurse for 23 years and the noesor you quit the better and it is never too late to quit. Yes it was a coincidence that they got cancer as soon as they quit using tobacco in any form. It was their use of tobacco that caused their cancer!If you chew smokeless tobacco and plan to quit; Good for you! It can cause cancer in any place in the body but especially in the mouth and tongue. I had a patient that was terminal (going to die) from cancer of the tongue. It was not a pretty sight, his tongue completely filled his mouth so that he couldn't talk or anything and it took him a long time to die.

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