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17 April 2009



What irritates me about the sarebt cancer foundation is that they only focus their awareness towards one form of cancer and blow off other people with different types of cancer in their walks. Guess what? There are LOTS of forms of cancer out there! They do not recognize people in their walks that are cancer patients unless it's sarebt cancer. They also require your team to raise a minimum of $ 2500 to be able to do the walk in the first place. Therefore, if you have only 11 bucks to donate, they dismiss you you'd think that every dollar would be acceptable to walk along a public place to raise awareness and fund research to find a cure. I walk with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in their event called Light the Night. They don't require a minimum donation and provide different colored balloons for patients, supporters, and in memory of those lost to cancer not just Leukemia, Lymphoma, or other forms of blood cancer ALL TYPES OF CANCER. I have Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. My mother was a sarebt cancer survivor. I have nothing against raising money for cancer research; in fact, I absolutely hope that more people donate to help to find a cure for cancer and to provide the funds needed for research for drugs that improve people's lives. I just don't like charity snobs. I know they are trying to raise as much money in as large amounts as possible, but I think shunning people who are not able to raise their minimum is the wrong way to go about it. Every penny counts why turn any away?!!

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