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24 November 2008



You just said it in the last paragraph How will we take care of the poor and the weak mosngat us . I firmly believe in it I don't know what gave human beings rights to destroy everything else weaker human beings, other species, the planet for our selfish dreams, to satisfy our ego. We are not the chosen ones this planet belongs to everyone, we seemed to have forgotten that. We need visionaries who will make these thoughts a way of life, a doable task and not an Utopian theory. We need visionaries who will help those at the bottom of the pyramid create wealth to better their lives, and at the same time protect and conserve the amazing world that we inherited.And I'm not saying we have to move away from technology, we will need technology to maximize the efforts. But what we should focus on is the end goal, and not technology itself.


Let's wait that prompt they find the solution to this terrible disease that little by little is mining our body since many people suffer the assaults of this cancer, let's wait that the governments solidaricen with the persons' miles who suffer cancer and they reach a bit more to solve this virus.
The medicines mas known for the Cancer are Oxycodone, Soma, Lorcet, which are medicines that are used specifically for the pain, for it should reduce the costs of these medicines, with it there would be a better quality of life for the persons with this disease.

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