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02 October 2008



It would depend on what stage' it was at 3 yrs ago at dgoinasis how slow or fast growing it is.Edit: low grade cell changes' like CIN1 can sometimes be left without treatment as long as it's kept an eye on but moderate (CIN2) high (CIN3) would require treatment to prevent it from becoming invasive cancer.


It was a huge mistake for Canada's mirltaiy to switch from the original role of reconstruction to one of killing people who had nothing to do with 9/11 or aggression against Canadian Peoples. It is just plain EVIL that we have been duped by our Leaders on this. Now everything associated with Western interference and occupation of their country is viewed with hate and distrust. I beleive it will only get worse. Today we lost 3 more soldiers. They can make a bomb for about $400.00 and blow up millions of dollars of invading machinery with it. Talk about cost effective. It's David and Goliath all over again and Israel is right along there too, even in Georgia. I believe the U.N. and NATO are rendered useless under the scathing U.S. influence and it will probably take all peoples in all lands to protest this huge transparent aggression for oil control by our neighbor to the South. Canada is being used as the Lord so aptly described in his great article, as disposable cannon fodder . I am an angry Canadian regarding this whole mess by the U.S.


Keep up the good work.

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