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15 October 2008



weil bis sein ermittelt seneim wohlen Fortschrittals mit allen Krebsen, eher finden Sie, dass er, sind Ihre Wahrscheinlichkeiten das besserpankreatischer Krebs gibt nicht Frfchwarnungzeichen so, bis Sie an das Geffchlsschlechte gelangen, das normalerweise zu spe4t sein ist

Greg Guthrie


Hi. This is Greg Guthrie with the American Cancer Society. Thanks very much for your comments and for your support of the American Cancer Society. This initiative in Vietnam is one of the many ways that we at the American Cancer Society are working to fight cancer globally.

For more information on our programs, be sure to check our Web site at www.cancer.org/international, and our page on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/American-Cancer-Society-International/26319974222?ref=ts (page name is "American Cancer Society International").

If you have any questions, please let us know. Thanks again for your support of the American Cancer Society.

Best regards,
Greg Guthrie


That's good that the American Cancer Society is taking action to help other cultures that are not as aware of tobacco's health affects. I wish I could do more to help their efforts, for now I'll just have to keep searching and shopping using my Give2Network.com toolbar. I set it to donate to the American Cancer Society every time I go online. It's really great that there are free services like that to help the American Cancer Society. With all of the global education efforts they make against the dangers of tobacco, everyone should help any way they can.

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