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23 May 2008



Herbert's column urobght tears to my eyes. Out (non-)system is so screwed up. And RG forgot to mention that his healthcare was paid for my the citizens of NYC, which means a lot of people who can't medical care when they need it probably helped pay for his through their taxes.


Get Thee to an Emergency Room!!!There is no limit to the stupidiy of those on the right. That laomst 50 milllion people don't have any insurance is solace to them. Almost 50 million people don't have health insurance! That mean's we're not a socialist or communist society! HURRAH!!!S-CHIP: Please, Sir, can I have some more? P!$$ off, kid, you're startin' to bother me!!! We all know that money should decide whether you die or not, don't we? That is the Republican way, isn't it? Or, have I missed something???Isn't it ironic that the prick's who don't want you to have condom's solicit sex from anyone in the the next stall? And, if infected, they enjoy the best health care in the nation? On our tax dollar's.Irony is DEAD!!!


Recording the presentation and posting it as a podcast would have been great :)

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