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26 July 2007



that the gleason score of 7 was midlde of the road but aggressive….. I am so damn tired of all of the other things since I turned 55 (Mitral Valve surgery “repair from auto accident”) TURP in o8′ then hernia surgery (laproscopy) in 10′. After reading Johns Hopkins “white letter” and all of the “other” stuff I am about ready to say screw it! Not do anything? Do I want to go from feeling well at 66 –to pissing my pants, not being able to ever making love to my wife and have a colostomy bag hanging on by ass? NO! The next step is taking “Harold” 16 gauge to the woods or sweet pea 38 out behind the barn! I would like any input anybody has other ” you could experience any or all of the above or worse (death) as a result of prostate treatment!thank you!Comment awaiting moderation.

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