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11 August 2008



Hi BethI am also crying in pilbuc, getting angry at people for having fun, curling into fetal position at night wishing it is all a bad dream, kissing my beautiful little boys bald head, loving the tiny hairs that he calls spikers, wanting to scream at the top of my lungs "it's just not fair", and hold my breath everytime we are in pilbuc hopeing I don't choke someone for starring. My name is Catherine and my 5 year old beautiful little boy was diagnosed last year with brain cancer.He is doing well, but you know how it goes. We are praying for little Ezra and from c mom to c mom thanks for letting me feel like i'm not the only one. :) dreamsfordrew.com


i noted this in australia in their duty free shops and serots on the cigarette boxes i took some photos since i found them to be so interesting. i can send these to you you may also be interested to know that they post their national quit line everywhere cigarettes are sold as well.


We started off rircyang 8 other flavors than tobacco and menthol in the beginning. Now we have 5 other flavors because the other three did not sell. The most popular of the flavors is cherry because it is similar to a cherry cigar or pipe tobacco. The next popular flavor is blueberry. The other flavors we carry are pineapple, vanilla, and strawberry. We have samples of other flavors that we do not carry, but our customers are not interested in them.We are only rircyang Premium Electronic Cigarette brand at this time and their refill cartridges. We will not carry the e-liquid due to the liability and need to be sure every customer understands how to work with it safely. If we did not show someone how to properly work with the e-liquid and fill cartridges, we could be sued if something seriously happened due to improper use of the e-liquid because we did not tell them the dangers. We will leave the e-liquid to other retailers and online sellers. +4Was this answer helpful?

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